Center Of Attention

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If we look around our self there is a link or bond between living organisms. From tiny  insect to a advance human, there are somehow relations between them. It may seem senseless but
if we take a close look to know how relation develops we found answer outstanding.

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Let us take  example of Adam, first man on earth living normally but after few days He feels himself alone.  Eve was sent as a companion of Him. They both began to live happily and enjoy pleasures of life  together. The connection between both individuals made a strong relationship like they care for  each other and showed their affection and attention.

This shows a relation or inter-dependence  of two individuals is necessary even from early life, in other words from birth.
When a child is born he is center of attention of his parents. They look after him and do everything for his better growth. An infant is totally dependent on his parents and the relation between them is of deep love and care. It states that how a man being individual interdependence on other fellow beings. There are three phases of life childhood, youth and old age. In all these phases man needs support, care, affection and attention. These qualities are necessary for entire life and one cannot get it by his or her-self alone but only way to come with all these to make a sound relation with others. Presence of fellow man makes you feel comfortable and internally satisfying to make one realize that how they are important to us. This importance and realization is somehow developed by mutual affairs. According to me, being individual cannot survive for a long time without making interaction with society. My family is very important to me and every person of my family makes me strong by moral support.

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