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The Effect of the Cdm Regulations on Accident Statistics within the UK – The implementation of the CDM regulations under the CDM Co-ordinators.


Health and safety in the construction industry has experienced considerable research over the last few decades in order to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities within the construction industry. Health and safety practices such as the HSC that introduced the CDM regulations in 1994 and the current revised regulations introduced in 2007 are perceived to provide numerous benefits in maintaining a safer industry. With approximately 7%-8% of employment within the UK involved in the construction industry and an estimated 8% of the UK’s GDP it is important to do so. There is a growing importance due to the high rate of employment in the construction industry to provide a detailed set of safety regulations known as the CDM regulations that everyone involved with construction must follow. As a result of this many organisations such as the HSC, have initiated targets to ensure that the health and safety on sites improves dramatically, and to encourage the government to formulate official targets to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries by a certain date.

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However, although the CDM regulations 1994 did have a positive effect on the health and safety in the industry there was still areas of concern within the regulations that professionals were unsure of who carried out different roles and the fact that the rate of fatalities and injuries was not decreasing significantly enough, this was the reason for the review of the CDM regulations 1994 and the implementation of the new CDM regulations 2007 which is designed to provide a clearer background into construction H&S. Using a sample group methodology, and acknowledging specifically the principal contractor, this study aims to assess whether the HSC can achieve its aim of reducing the number of fatalities and injuries by 10% in the UK by 2010 and ultimately assess whether or not the CDM regulations make a significant difference to H&S statistics. This will be reviewed by looking at the implementation techniques used by the PC’s on site and develop a framework to provide the best technique in which to do so.

Chapter One: Introduction

This chapter introduces the principal aim of the study, in addition to the proposed objectives and research questions.


The construction industry has had H&S regulations in place known as the CDM regulations for a number of years now which have recently been renewed. The CDM regulations have application to a majority of construction projects undertaken in the UK which provide the industry with specific standards involving H&S that are considered acceptable to the government and alternatively, to the construction worker.

The latest regulations represent an important trend towards the paternalistic intervention of the government in relation to health and safety.

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