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The author declares that this research paper is original work. All the papers, reports and other material consulted during the preparation of this paper are duly acknowledged. The author understands the plagiarism policy at Lahore School of Economics and has followed good academic practices. Saba Javed Hayat


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my supervisor; Professor Fareed. A. Fareedy who guided me at every step in writing this research paper. I truly appreciate his enduring patience, encouragement and intellectual insight during the formulation phases of this paper. His feedback for each query broadened my perspective about this research and made it a priced endeavor for me. I would also like to thank all the authors/researchers whose work has formed a foundation to this research. A sincere effort has been made to acknowledge their work wherever cited in this paper. Lastly I would like to thank my parents; Muhammad Javed Hayat and Zahida Javed, for their unequivocal support and great patience at all times. For any errors/inadequacies that may remain in this business research paper, the sole responsibility lies on me.

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Executive Summary

Table of Contents


ABL Allied Bank Limited ALM Asset Liability Management CBG Corporate banking Group CLA Corporate Law Authorities DCMS Debt Capital Markets and Syndications Division DMU Decision Making Unit FI Financial Institution IBG Investment Banking Group MCB Muslim Commercial Bank NAV Net Asset Value OMO Open Market Operations PBC Pakistan Banking Council SBP State Bank of Pakistan T1capital Tier one capital UBL United Bank Limited YTD Year to Date

Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1. Current Standing of Banking Industry in Pakistan

The banking industry in Pakistan has been through the inception, nationalization and post nationalization phases. During all the phases, it has been involved in managing the three core portfolios; deposit portfolio, loan portfolio and investment portfolio. The management of asset and liabilities as under ALM has become a key feature for the commercial as well as specialized banks in Pakistan. Due to global integration of financial markets and systems, the impact of mismanagement can lead to severe repercussions for the financial institution. Moreover, in this time the banks are also more prone to external financial distress than ever before. The financial system of Pakistan comprises of private commercial banks, specialized banks, public banks, foreign banks, NBFIs, leasing companies, insurance companies, securities firms and the like. The commercial banks; irrespective of their ownership structure, play a crucial role as the other channels are yet under developed and as per State Bank of Pakistan, almost 80% of money supply is held by these banks. The apex body for the banking sector is State Bank of Pakistan which sets the prudential regulations for their working. The financial system is too bank centered in Pakistan and hence the multitude of impact of activity in this sector has significant ramifications for the economy at large.

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