Causes and Effects of Cyberbullying

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Audience: parents oblivious to their children’s online behavior Purpose: to inform Why can a plan not be put in place to simply stop cyberbullying altogether? Sadly, seventy-four percent of college surveyors claimed that enforced policies would take little or no effect on online bullying behavior whatsoever. Cyberbullying affects our youth in many ways for several reasons, and the outcomes can be disheartening. What causes cyberbullying? While this is a debatable topic, several sources will claim that bad history at home is the root of cyberbullying.

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Children may tend to morph into cruel beings while they are away from home in order to feel less taken aback by what happens behind closed doors. For example, an adolescent who is being abused at home may reflect this behavior onto his or her peers in order to balance out the victimization.

As written by Gabriel in “What are the Causes of Cyber Bullying?,” some victims choose to harass others because their upbringings lead them to believe that “some people deserve to be bullied.” Secondly, cyberbullying may be caused by a person’s perspective on society. Reading the comments on a celebrity’s Instagram post, watching embarrassing Youtube videos of an unwilling subject, or seeing Tweets that directly insult someone could all lead to an individual believing that this behavior is acceptable. A known fact: children grow mentally through the things that take place around them. A person could assume that a child who is raised in an abusive home has the potential to become an aggressive adult, and this idea follows through with cyberbullying. A child who sees abusive content every time he or she goes online could grow up to hurt others from behind his or her computer screen.

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