Catastrophe in Hiroshima

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On 6 August of 1945, an unthinkable and dreadful catastrophe happened. The American authorities dropped an atomic bomb on a Japanese city Hiroshima as a warning and a demand for defeat. As a result, the whole city of 250000 people was destroyed, thousands of Japanese were killed and seriously injured.

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As an issue of usage of an atomic bomb was being actively discussed around the world, The New Yorker sent a journalist John Hersey to Japan to find out the details of this catastrophe. Later he wrote the story about Hiroshima which can tell its readers the exact events of the bombarding through the eyes of the actual survivors, describes the reasons why Hiroshima became a target, some consequences of radiation, and why the medical and rescue efforts were useless after the blow.

American decision to drop a bomb on a Japanese city was not accidental. Hiroshima was an ideal target for an experiment of an atomic bomb. According to the book, Hiroshima was a significant military strategic object with a huge port and war ammunition. John Hersey writes in his story it had been an inviting targetmainly because it had been one of the most important military-command and communication centers in Japan, and would have become the Imperial headquarters had the islands been invaded and Tokyo been captured.(HERSEY, P.107) That is why Americans chose this city to drop the bomb considering that their purpose was to deprive the country of an opportunity to continue the war.

The book tells stories of 6 survivors who somehow got the chance to endure this catastrophe. One of the central characters is Father Wilhelm Kleinsorge, a German Catholic priest, was reading a journal in his mission house when a bright white flash blew up above Hiroshima. As the fire began Father Kleinsorge, some priests and other survivors had to move to a safer place which was Asano Park. Along the way, there were lots of suffering people begging for help from under ruined parts of houses. Father Kleinsorge knew he could not save everyone, that they did not have time and had to go,

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