Case Study: Happiest Minds – Business Venture

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Case Study: Happiest Minds Background An entrepreneur named Shri Ashok Soota formed a new business venture called “Happiest Minds Technologies Private Limited”. Soota had a vision for this company to become a full service firm with a global presence. The company was launched on August 29, 2011 with the help of a team of experts form the IT industry. This entrepreneurial start-up wasn’t an easy venture at first, but Soota had a variety of experience and leadership roles from his career life. Shri Soota was born in Pakistan and eventually moved to India during his childhood. His family moved around a lot since his father was an army doctor, so much that Soota attended twelve schools by the time he was twelve years old. Moving around throughout his life made a huge impact on him as an international entrepreneur by learning to adapt and be flexible, learning quickly, and making connections with people from different cultures. He attended Roorkee Engineering College and started out studying civil engineering but later switched to electrical engineering. Soota gained a lot of experience through his different jobs, but one of his most satisfying accomplishment was becoming CEO of DCM company. He worked for DCM for around twenty years going head-on with many challenges and enjoyed it. Soota completely turned the company around and put them on the right track making them profitable. However, after reaching success in the company Soota lost interest and wanted to move on to bigger and better things. During his time at DCM he did enroll for his MBA at the Asian Institute of Management in 1973. The next step in Soota’s career led him into the IT sector by joining a small IT company “Wipro Infotech”. With the help of other executives, he turned the company into a global IT service company. He spent around fifteen years being president of the company and really had a lot of freedom until the chairman stepped in when the company was getting too large. Soota said “There was no negativity—just a desire for change and a desire to let them find a new path without me and for me to find a new destiny”. This change led him to co-founding MindTree an Indian IT company and took leadership for around eleven years before he resigned. He never really expressed as to why he resigned, but people guess it was because of unhappiness from his lack of freedom in the company. Soota then went on to form the company Happiest Minds. The first office is located Bengaluru, India and was originally 55,000 square feet. The Bengaluru location is now their official headquarters for the company. His goal for this new company was to achieve one-hundred million dollars’ worth of sales within five years of operating. Within three months of the company’s startup, Soota opened up the first international office in Seattle on November 21, 2011. This market entry really showed the company’s risk taking abilities and action making the company a success.

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