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This report is written and designed with a main purpose for every potential investor reference and guideline related to consumer products market. It is mainly for a better and clear understanding about the conditions and trends of the market. In addition, it might also used for finding out the latest update news which may impact the investment strategy. This investment analysis report have been established to provide some suggestion on a right choice for a future investment, helping in carry out a good financial decisions and may contribute a good achievement with an overall success as an investor. In this investment analysis report, I chose two companies from consumer products industry which involving Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia BHD and Guinness Anchor BHD as an investment target. There are some reasons of why it is a good decision and why it has being a necessity to invest in this industry. Over the periods, investing in consumer products market can be a good strategy since this industry always stable over the time. This sector has a steady and constant growth even during the both bull and bear market. Bull and bear market is used to determine the upward and downward market trends where bull market is generally connected to capital gains with an increasing in future prices while bear market is a price decline in the stock market. Based on the market movement and the market affordability, it can be shown that the market demand from the consumer goods industry will always exist all over the periods of the time, no matter in the time of expanding economy in particular industrial revolution or even during the time of recession where the economy is contracting. In this rising competitive market, it has been expected to be increase in the future and have a continuously growth. Therefore it is a profitable business to invest in which will give every investor a better prospect of higher return and also far greater chance for success.

Company Profile

2.1 Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia BHD

Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Berhad is one of the 50 breweries of Carlsberg all around the world. It is a Malaysia-based company which principally engaged in the manufacturing of beer, stout, shandy and non-alcoholic beverages for the establishment of marketing and distribution in the home market and for export purposes. Carlsberg Malaysia Brewery BHD was incorporated in December 1969 as a public company and was listed on the Main Board of the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on January 1972 under consumer products sector along with the locally brewing of Carlsberg Green Label beer. It becomes No. 1 beer brand with more than 50% share of the Malaysian Beer Market. During 2001 to 2005, Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Berhad has created a rapid progress by generate an increasing significant profit as a proof. Carlsberg Malaysia provides various types of beer for every drinker which designed with different taste and lifestyles for every occasion. It has different target market since there are different types of customer therefore each product unit is different from one another.

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