Career Planning from the Perspective of Management

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Career Planning from the Perspective of Management

I am very accustomed to spending a small amount of time to achieve great results. I used to prepare my resume only one day before the job interview and focusing on what should have been done until the very last minute of the competition. The results have always been good (or to say, not bad), so I just keep following this “last minute rule”.

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I always feel that if I work hard for a few weeks or such, I can always get what I want. However, sometimes I do have some doubts: I have spent a whole weekend, forty-eight hours to modify my resume, why is it not good enough? Or I have spent a month practicing myself for an internship, why didn’t I have any results? I have already started preparing for the interview, and I have been practicing in a whole week, why is it not enough?

Planning matters

We all think that one weekend, one week, or one month is enough for preparing our important life events. In fact, it’s insignificant. I’ve been in the United States for about two years. During this time, I found that most of my classmate start their career planning in a very early stage, especially for job hunting. Their “unit” is not a few days or a couple of weeks, but a few years. I have seen countless sophomores writing their resumes before the start of the school, planning what kind of research and training skills they would like to gain for their sophomore year. They usually start interview practicing and start thinking about the company they want to go after their graduation.

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