Career Path in Business Management

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As late as the 20th Century, many career progression choices were made based on gender, tradition, family, and socio-economic status. As such, majority of individuals made career choices based on career professions of their parents or limitations of tradition or beliefs. However, the later years after the 20th Century, this form of career trajectory ended as individuals begun taking greater control of their careers.

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This trajectory was favored by the restructuring of organizations and the shift from manufacturing to knowledge based economies. As such, the creation of a new paradigm in which individuals determined their own growth in career by taking charge of their career choices and their level of professionalism. In line with these developments, individuals have the duty to take control of their careers by choosing careers that will enable them to excel in life.

The choice of a career field comprises a difficult but essential process in development of an individual. According to DeRosa (30), nine out of ten students do not know exactly what they want to do in life and how to choose a career. In the process, many young people are misguided into a career or end up following others blindly (Itkin). In my case, it was not also a simple process. From an early age, I had found interest in the field of arts. This was mainly driven by the popularity of individuals dealing in creative arts such as music and acting. However, when I read the book, Millionaire mind, I begun having a focus on the business field. In particular, I centered most of my attention in the field of business management. In order to learn more about business management, I spoke to Jack Bolton, a family friend, who has had a long and successful career in the field of business management. I asked him to tell me about his career as a business management major.

He explained that the work is difficult as it involves a lot of creativity and innovations due to the changing trends in the business world. But he said that making your company gain a competitive advantage over other businesses is quite rewarding. However, he said “You have to be ready to work more hours than you get paid for if you want to retain growth in your department or face the probability of being fired. In the field of business you have to work to always be the best as being the best is what assures you of career development and job security.” This statement caught me by surprise as I thought just the normal working hours can result in a successful career. However, I gained more interest in the career from the discussion.

One of the things that made my interest grow in the career choice was the number of careers available.

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