Roadmap to Development of a Career Development Program   

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When people think of organizational assets, often the first thing that comes to mind are tangible assets; money, machinery, vehicles, computers, raw materials, and finished products. But what about the people behind the scenes that actual make the assets work or even repair the assets when they’re broken? Often times, organizations forget about their most important asset; the human asset. Human assets are no different than tangible assets.  To manage an asset you first have to acquire it, then maintain it, then—in the case of the human asset –develop it and direct it (Fitz-Ez, J.

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2005).  Every manager wants an employee who can accomplish any task, but managers can’t just assume the employee will learn it on their own or in “due time.”

An effective way to develop employees for bigger roles and responsibilities is through the use of a career development program. Career development programs are long term investments in employees that motivate, encourage, and inspire professional and personal growth. While career development programs are designed for employees, the organization will see many benefits from a more productive employee (Society for Human Resource Management, 2013). To ensure a career development program is successful it must have six components; Employee learning plan, needs assessment, comprehensive development plan, roadmap to development of a career development program, other factors in the program development, and individual career development plan integrated with the comprehensive development plan.

Employee Learning Plan

Technology is advancing and global competition is increasing therefore it is critical that employees continue to learn as well.  Both the formal and informal learning ability of employees will increase greatly through the use of an employee learning plan. These types of plans assist organizations and employees with planning and managing their professional development. Successful creation of employee learning plans start with a template. Both the human resources team and the management team will need to collaborate in order to create the template. Employee development plans are created just like any kind of plan; creating goals then developing methods to obtain those goals. In an employee development plan, the front line managers create the goals for their employees. After all, it is the managers who know best what they need from their employees. According to Beausaert, Gijeslareas and Segars (2011) there are three steps in developing a learning plan; the first step of the learning plan template will need to identify employee’s learning goals, abilities, knowledge, skills and attitudes that need to be developed. Secondly, a learning method must be chosen that will be needed to develop employee’s’ abilities. Lastly, it is important to establish support for the employee(s) (managers or mentors), in which the employees can turn to for assistance.    

Upon completion of gathering the information for the template,

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