Capital Punishment Should Be Abolished in Malaysia

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Capital punishment is a death sentence awarded for capital offences where in the criminal provisions consider such persons as a gross danger or threats to the existence of the society. As the merge of human rights associations, this punishment is strictly opposed for its cruelty and this has been a global debate for some years. In Malaysia, this punishment is proudly held in the law and until today, executions are being held. It is a great shame as all members of the United Nation were already called to join the moratorium of death penalty (Amnesty International, 2007). Many countries have abandoned capital punishment and Malaysia should do the same as it is inappropriate, cruel and it does not help the society in any ways. It is inappropriate for today as clearly, it is incongruent with what Malaysia is aiming for. The aim is to be a fully developed country and to be one Malaysia has to fulfil all challenges which one of it is to be a fully caring society (Razak, 2010). Putting an end to one’s life does not define “caring” at all. Even though the punishment has been practised in almost every society, many have abandoned the punishment and more are in favour of abolishing it (Caroline Sculier, 2010). If the policy is as such, then the government is at the same footing as the murderers (Stevenson, 1993). As death penalty is final, those criminals will also be deprived from the opportunity to change and the true causes of crimes will not be figured out (Joseph A. Melusky, 2003). Thus, when justice is hurried, justice is buried too. This clearly shows that we have no mercy and for a society that values human rights, justice and mercy, there should be no death penalty at all (Ragunath Kesavan, 2010). To punish does not mean having to do it cruelly. The world has decides that death penalty is inhuman and degrading punishment which also constitutes a torture (Caroline Sculier, 2010). Inevitably, there are risks in executing innocent people such as cases of drug trafficking involving people who were fooled by so-called job agencies (The Star Online,

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