Capital Punishment in the US

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Capital punishment is being put to death by lethal injection for commiting a capital crime. They use to have methods such as hanging (Abolished in 1996), firing squad (Abolished in 2010), electrocution (Abolished in 2013), but they did away with those and went with lethal injection since the person receiving it does not have a chance of being tortured while being executed. There are six states that still use the gas chamber as a method if the injection cannot be given, those states are, Arizona, California, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri and Wyoming.

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A capital crime can be different things such as treason or espionage, but the most common capital crimes is premeditated first degree murder. Capital punishment is a controversial topic throughout the United States. Some people like the death penalty, some do not. I personally am for capital punishment being used for capital crimes.

Capital punishment is a controversial topic in the United States, it is legal in 31 different states across the United States, for example a few of them are, Alabama, California, Florida, Louisiana, Nebraska, and Texas. The death penalty is illegal in 19 different states across the United States, some of those states are, Alaska, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Michigan and New Jersey. It is easy to see that the majority of the country are for the death penalty. The death penalty is a good thing to have because anyone that can commit such horrible crimes, like capital punishment, and not have any remorse for what they have done, do not deserve to get off easy by just spending the remainder of their life in jail. Saying that a murderer getting off easy by spending the rest of his life in prison may sound odd to some people, but they took the life of an innocent person and they get to have a life,

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