Capital Punishment: Disadvantages and Advantages

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Everyday, they are people getting the death sentence due to the crime that they have caused. Capital punishment is wrongful to the eyes of others because everyone does have human rights, but to the rest it is essential to have a control of the violence in the society.

Capital Punishment: Disadvantages

United States death penalty is harsh, vicious, torture, and undignified conduct. The criminal justice system uses lethal injection as a primary method to punish the individuals. Currently, there are about 31 legal states that are for capital punishment, while 19 are against the unethical behavior. There are also 144 innocent people since 1973 on death row that have been acquitted and more than we know, that is sentenced unjustly. An article by ACLU did a survey by asking several questions to police chiefs and they believe capital punishment is not a method to control crime. Police chiefs recommended to have more officers in the streets as well have give elongated sentences and gun control. Furthermore, a man name Cameron Todd Willingham was executed in 2004 in Texas. The system, believed that he killed his daughters by putting the house on fire, even though the evidence showed that there were no evidence indicating that he killed his daughters. His trial at the end was resulted to a faculty forensic science. The criminal justice system failed once again in protecting those that are innocent. There is no evidence that shows that the death penalty has a preventive effect, including that it costs way more due to more legal costs, incarceration costs, security, and the number of appeals an inmate must attend. All these, tax dollars are getting put into these cases and recent studies indicates that average cost is $1.26 million. Instead,

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