Capital City Of Greece Is Athens

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The capital city of Greece is Athens, which was founded in 508 B.C. and made the capital city later on. It is the home of the Parthenon, the temple dedicated to Athena.

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(Parthenon itself means the chamber of an unwedded virgin) Although not a wonder of the world, it is considered a world heritage site by UNESCO. The city and the temple were named after Athena after discovering that an olive tree was there, and that tree, according to Grecian myth, was a gift directly from Athena herself to humanity. The temple was made on an acropolis, which means high city. It was created after the Persians has destroyed the city that was there before Athens was created and named. The city of Athens owes most of its’ success to Athena (and probably really good luck) and how devoted they were to her.

Originally, the residents were deciding on whether to name this new city after Poseidon or Athena. However, where they were deciding to make the temple dedicated to whichever god that was going to be chosen, there was an olive tree, that in a Grecian myth, was a gift from Athena to humanity, or the humans descended directly from the earth as the Greeks believed that they were. Before this, Poseidon had made water come from the earth, but because of how salty it was it would not be of use to humans.

Once that was decided, the powerful statesman of Athens: Pericles, had to get the architect to make the temple, and it had to be perfect in honor of Athena since only the best would be acceptable.

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