Capacity Building in Organisations

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Capacity Building Capacity building is defined as a planned development of or increase in the knowledge, personal abilities, work output, management skills and other capabilities of oneself or an organization through acquisition of data, time management, incentives, technology and training. It is a continuous process of development in which the individuals, organizations and societies enhance their abilities to meet the demands of competition and growth. This is partially accomplished by providing the candidates with proper resources, training and knowledge.

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The key to complete capacity building is through community and social interaction of the team or oneself on a global level for personal motivation and building of confidence. Definitions of capacity building The Scottish Government’s definition of capacity building is: “Measures that strengthen the collective ability of a community enabling individuals, groups and communities to develop the confidence, understanding and skills required to influence decision making and service delivery. This could include enabling communities to provide and manage services to meet community needs.” A more appropriate definition of capacity building is: “Development work that strengthens the ability of community, individuals, organisations and groups to build their structures, systems, people and skills so they are better able to define and achieve their objectives and engage in consultation and planning, manage community projects and take part in partnerships and community enterprises. It includes aspects of training, organisational and personal development and resource building, organised and planned in a self-conscious manner, reflecting the principles of empowerment and equality.” -Skinner, 1997[1] Need and importance of capacity building In this period of incessant advancement in economy, technology and what not, it is of utmost importance for any business organization to match up with the speed of growth of the market and competitors to sustain otherwise they will lag behind, seriously affecting productivity and profits. For this purpose, it is important for capacity building through workplace training to keep the organization updated of latest commencements. There are certain points where capacity building finds its importance.

  1. To bring about long term bigger and longer lasting change: it is imperative that for bringing a bigger long lasting change, training should be provided for proper capacity building so that the employees can give their best, making a greater impact. Capacity building enhances the workmanship to such a level that the output is marked by a long term and an impactful change. It is not just a low level labour, the effect of which fades away soon, but an advancement of the skills which leads to a bigger and better result of the efficient work that each employee puts efforts in.
  1. To create an opportunity for uniqueness: One of the greatest challenges in today’s competitive markets is innovation;

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