Sharia Banking Tackle Todays Global Financial Crisis Example For Free

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Today’s global financial crisis has left many wondering where the faults actually lie. Indeed, there are many contributing factors that can be highlighted. However, in a more positive approach, it is argued that Sharia banking covers principle areas that are in almost complete opposition to conventional banking.

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For example, institutions do not pay interest, and they require transactions to be reinforced by real tangible assets. The conventional banking system in place has offered a suitable medium for trade over many years. Countries have prospered with the facilities provided while few have had complaints or criticism of the system. Due to this apparently fluent and dependable system, trade had continued uninhibited until recent times. Prior to the unfolding of the current financial crisis, there was a certain limited amount of speculations regarding whether or not the system would face any hiccups. This was a reasonable conjecture considering the financial crisis that occurred in the 1930s. This was of course limited to the U.S. economy, and was at a time when globalization and international trade had not exist the way it does today. It is interesting to note that there have been alternatives offered to the conventional banking system, which largely consisted of a private banking method, which will be explained later in this paper. As opposed to the private banking method, many scholars began to explore the alternatives, and Islamic or Sharia Banking is one form that was deemed to be interesting enough. Islamic Banking methods seemed to offer a fair amount of safety to users, and it appeared to be a fair and just method for borrowers. Primarily, it is the borrower’s rights that need to be safeguarded in this method of banking, as this would be a moral action and it would bring stability to the system. Borrowers would be able to trust the system, and this would only instill confidence in all users of the banking system. Moreover, this system does not agree with intangible assets. There are Quranic quotations and examples that justify this approach, which is actually quite a matter of common sense; probability, chance, etc. are factors that have to be mitigated if reliability is desired. Indeed, this is why every possible measure has been sought in Islamic banking to ensure stability and reliability, which will result in economic prosperity.


To determine: How Sharia banking principles can help to relieve the current economic crisis, and transform the economic system for more reliability. How different Sharia Banking is from Conventional Banking. Advantages Sharia Banking has over Conventional BankingÂ


To determine: What the fundamental principles of Sharia Banking are. Why Sharia Banking principles are believed to make global financial operations more reliable and concrete in comparison to conventional western banking systems.

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