California’s Top 10 Endangered Species

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What are endangered species? Why should we care about them? These are the questions that this article will cover and raise awareness about these animals.

Endangered species are types of species’ that have a low number of the animal left alive on the planet. I believe that all animals should be treated with the same respect as humans. I can give you an idea of why we actually need these animals, like how we need the gray wolf so the deer or elk populations don’t overpopulate and eat a lot of the plants in California. This exact thing happened in yellowstone one time where the wolf population got really low and the deer or elk populations sky-rocketed and ate a lot of the plants in yellowstone, but when the wolf populations went up, everything went back to normal.

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10. The Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)

The Gray Wolf is last because its numbers are healthy outside California. Extinct in California until 2011, the Gray Wolf has made a re-entrance into california. There are 2 lively packs in Northern California. These wolves would do just fine in the northern mountains with a lot of food, however the tasmanian tiger ranchers will kill them for eating livestock. There is a law protecting the wolves but, there is a loophole ; a hunter can claim that they didn’t know they were shooting at a wolf therefore avoiding punishment. With the wolf population under a dozen, and that the whereabouts of the 7 member shasta pack unknown, the Gray Wolf is not safe.

9. Tricolored blackbird (Agelaius tricolor)

The tricolored blackbird is a far relative to the red-winged blackbird. The bird lives only in California. The birds gather in huge groups during early spring on farm land. This is the main reason their numbers decimate. That means that a couple hours’ work with a combine might kill 50 or 60 thousand of the birds at once. Those 145,000 tricoloreds was a 44 percent decline from the species’ numbers in 2011, which were themselves down by more than a third from 2008.

8. California Condor (Gymnogyps californianus)

You might know this species as a high flying success story. But, the California Condor is not out of the woods yet. The California Condor has 400 specimens alive, half in the wild and half in captivity. Four-hundred birds alive is pretty good when there was 27 left in the wild in 1987.

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