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The impact of privatization on firm’s performance

1.0 Introduction Privatization throughout the 1980’s has been considered to be the solutions to the problems associated State Owned Enterprise (SOE)s both in the developed and developing economies and even in the socialist economies (Vickers and Yarrow 1995). In reality privatization is an economies policy and other times a political policy that is difficult to achieve mostly when is implemented in a corrupt setting like in most developing countries. However it is wise for a competitive and well regulated business […]

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Study On The Financial Sources For Smes

Introduction SMEs are those industries, which are unquoted in a stock exchange, run by few individuals or a type of family businesses having connection with shareholders. According to South West Venture Fund, SME is a company or business that has less than 250 employees and has an annual turnover not exceeding approximately £24 million. SME sector is very large in UK economy. There are 3.7 million businesses in UK according to the survey conducted in 2003 by Department of Trade […]

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Study Of Business Companies In Colombo Stock Exchange

Capital structure is most significant discipline of company’s operations. The Study attempts to identify the impact of Capital Structure on Companies Performance. The analyze has been made Financial year from 2005 to 2009 (05 years) financial year of Business companies in Sri Lanka. The results shown the relationship between the capital structure and financial performance is negative association at -0.114.. F and t values are 0.366, -0.605 respectively. It is reflect the insignificant level of the Business Companies in Sri […]

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Stock exchanges

Introduction Of all the modern service institutions, stock exchanges are perhaps the most crucial agents and facilitators of entrepreneurial progress. After the industrial revolution, as the size of business enterprises grew, it was no longer possible for proprietors or partnerships to raise colossal amount of money required for undertaking large entrepreneurial ventures. Such huge requirement of capital could only be met by the participation of a very large number of investors; their numbers running into hundreds, thousands and even millions, […]

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Risk Management An Effective Tool For Organisations Success

Introduction With the current scene in the business world it is very challenging to explore the risks involved in the business economy. The topic of Risk Management interests with the varied challenges as it has become the foundation for many organisations to effectively manage their investments or projects. The risks involved in any type of organisations are constantly increasing with the rise in competition across the globe. The recent credit crunch was also an alarming sign to manage the risk […]

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A Literature Review On Terrorism

Terrorism has deep history science the cold war but this issue become most salient after terrorist attacks in September 11 2001. This incident affected the UK and international business community in various ways. On one hand the world business community was affected financially, the other hand it suffers due to legal and security issues. The international business between countries was most seriously affected due to security and safety concerns and legal issue. Especially UK, US and other developed countries were […]

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Magical Homes in London and Dubai

What promotional strategies can be undertaken when environmental factors affect real estate business? Case study of “Magical Homes in London and Dubai” ABSTRACT Real estate business is one of biggest market of the business world, contained the largest surplus money of the business. The history of the real estate business is very strange and unpredictable. No doubt is slow moving industry with respect to time but it carries a lot. Past experiences shows that property investment was the first and […]

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KNOC plc

Chapter 1 Introduction My dissertation is based on two important areas of financial management (i) investment decisions (ii) sources of business finance. Decision on both areas has got critical importance for the business. The importance of investment decision can be checked from these words” for long term survival of the company capital budgeting decisions are very critical” Klammer et al. (1991, p. 113). “Capital investment decisions are very important for the society. These decisions utilize resources of the economy and […]

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International Business Strategy Of Mnc In Emerging Markets

The research aims to observe the different adaptive strategies employed by the multinational corporation’s (MNC) while it enters the emerging economies, analysing market potential, business growth, and the foreign direct investment in the country, with its effects on the (GDP) gross domestic product and corporate social responsibility of the emerging market. Objectives The objective of this research is to gauge in the success or failure of the difference in approach applied by the multinational corporation’s (MNC) to the emerging market […]

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Impacts On Midland Realtys Real Estate Business

Transportation is considered a necessity by a lot of people. From the experience of transit schemes shows that it can play a significant role in improving the attractiveness and quality of urban public transport. It would help to increase the value of nearby real estate. Although the value of real estate increase, how would Midland Realty makes use of this opportunity to capitalize the sale. The revenue of Midland Realty is mainly base on the transaction of real estate. Service […]

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Feasibility Research Plan For Associated British Foods

Top management of AB Mauri, a business unit of Associated British Foods, is planning to establish bakers’ yeast and bakery ingredients manufacturing plant in Bangladesh. Before investing in Bangladesh, the company needs a feasibility report. This outline report will introduce the aim and objectives of the main feasibility research. The paper will also define the research strategy including requirement of data, data collection methods and methods of analysing data for achieving the research objectives. The report also includes, how to […]

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Implications for the development of sainsburys in the future

Implications for the development of sainsbury’s in the future 1. Introduction The retail industry is one of the oldest industrial sectors of UK having its roots based in the 19th century. An article in “The Financial Times” about Sainsbury’s dropping sales and consequently market shares triggered the research topic and we drove ourselves to the history of supermarkets to reveal the secret behind the big giants (Tesco, Sainsbury’s and ASDA) fighting for the top position in the market. The reason […]

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