Business Strategy Forms At Different Levels Business Essay

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This strategy mainly emphasis on whole purpose and scope of the business. Corporate strategy mainly plans to deal with stakeholder expectations. This includes set the goal and scope of the all activities of organization. In this the position of business in market and what type of competition is there all take in corporate strategy.

Business unit strategy

This type of strategy involves actions like how a business will give good competition in a particular market. Business unit strategy concerns strategic decisions about choice of products, meeting needs of customers, how to take over competitors and creating new opportunities etc.

Operational strategy

Operational strategy concern with how all parts of the business is organised to deliver both corporate and business-unit level strategic direction. Operational strategy involves the issues like how to manage the resources, processes, people etc.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is called an organizational process or method which is used to define its strategy, or direction, and make decisions on dividing its resources to carry out their strategies, including its capital in terms of money and people. There are different types of methods and techniques which are used in strategic planning like SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats), PEST analysis (Political, Economic, Social, and Technological). When we are going to make a strategy we have to care about the vision, mission, and core values of the company.

Vision of the company-

This is whole picture of the company. In this the reputation of the company can be included.

Mission of the company-

This is goals of the company. Company make strategy to achieve its desired goals.

Core values-

These are main values or fundamental things in company which cannot be changed at any price. I am manager of Asda store in Birmingham. This is situated in Birmingham and 0.5 mile far from city center.

Internal and external scan

SWOT analysis {Strength, Weakness, opportunities, Threats}


Strength of company can be identifying by its production etc. In this we see what the strengths of our company are. In my company they have got good staff, latest technology, good marketing which encourage us to do more.


Every business has its strong and weakness point. No business is perfect. There is always some weakness in business and this may be in terms of employees, production or technology. In our business even we got good and trained staff we are facing management problem.


Retailing market is expanding day by day. People are becoming used to buy all things under one roof. they have recover from recession and all these things provide us great opportunities to explore our business.


There are two types of threats. One threats which are already in company like bad management etc and second is future threats which can affect the business in long term,.

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