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BUSINESS RESOURCES ASSIGNMENT TASK 1. Abraj Energy Service SAOC started off as having a structure called Limited Liability Company (LLC) and it was then changed to an S.A.O.C because the shares kept in public were less than 40%. Lilly (2008), “If minimum 40 % of a company’s shares are issued for public subscription it is considered as a general joint stock company (SAOG). The minimum capital required in RO 2 million ( US $ 5.2 million) ; Otherwise it is considered as closed joint stock company (SAOC) and the minimum capital required is RO 500,000 ( US $ 1.3 million).” This company was established in the year 2006 by Oman Oil Company SAOC to provide services in oilfields. The Oman government then gave support to this company by providing capital since they saw that the company is doing well. The Oman government now owns approximately 70% of the shares of this company and the rest of the shares is owned by different shareholders. Abraj Energy Services SAOC grew in a way that it controls 7 rigs and has more than 600 employees working for the company. As the attached job description. A Drilling Engineer is responsible for mechanical input to another employee that works with him known as a Tool Pusher and he has to communicate with the operator concerning Drilling engineering. A Drilling Engineer depends from company to company. Some companies have Drilling Engineers working on fields and some companies have them working on offices. Those working on fields are there due to the contract given to the company by the clients and the drilling engineers need to be there to make sure every single thing goes smoothly as how the client wants it. Anytime and anyplace, it is important for a drilling engineer to do whatever the supervisor says as long as it is safe to do it. The company didn’t provide person specifications in the job description attached. In this certain job, there are specifications on which people should have before applying for a job. These specifications are commonly known as person specifications. The company needs a person to be confident, creative and reliable, able to solve problem and cooperative with others. Suitable candidates who can fit to this job are the confident ones. Being confident is important since when drilling, a person has to be sure that what he is doing is right and people are going to respect that person for that just because of the confidence he puts in his/her job. For instance, a drilling engineer isn’t sure of what he is doing and at the end he can’t do the job. This means that he lost several years studying getting that job and at the end he can’t do his/her work efficiently and other people do his/her work meanwhile he gets paid for nothing and delays the production of that certain company. Creative and reliable. A drilling engineer has to have the ability to be creative in his work. Drilling doesn’t work one way but also it needs creativity in bringing new ideas and methods used to drill.

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