Business reputation vital for an organisation to stay afloat

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“Business reputation has been on a downward trend for too long and is a concern to a growing number of business leaders’ at a time of increasing transparency and rapid dissemination of information, ethical business standards will increasingly be critical to gaining and retaining a licence to operate from customers and employees.” David Rosser, CBI, addressing the Professions Group Wales Conference 11.1.11. Evaluate the above statement and contrast it with the view expressed by Dr Barry Morgan, the Archbishop of Wales, speaking at the same conference, that all MBA graduates should sign a version of the Hippocratic oath upon completion of their degree. Executive Summary In my report I will be discussing how business reputation is vital for an organisation to stay afloat and how to survive the recession that has currently occurred around the world and in the UK. How will be discussing how rapid business owners are worried how the economy is affecting their business during the recession and how they feel that the government has not done enough for them. Finally I will compare the two statements that were made by two professionals and compare how similar their meanings are and what message they were trying to tell the business world and the government. I will draw on a conclusion at the end of my findings and also give my recommendations. Introduction In this report I will firstly be discussing what business reputation is and how it has been having a downward trend for too long. Secondly I will go on to discuss how this is a major concern for the rapid growing business leaders of today. With more transparency needed and rapid dissemination of all business information, ethical business will need to carry on being critical to gaining and retaining a licence to be able to function and operate from customers to employees. Thirdly I will be discussing how David Rosser and Barry Morgan views are compared with each about how business trends are affecting rapid business owners and how students should sign an oath after completion of the MBA 2 programme. Finally I will come to a conclusion about the statements used by the two different professionals and how business trends are affected. I will also be giving my recommendations in how businesses can make improved business trends by using some of the advice that is given to them by the professionals. Business reputation Business reputation is known as the development of shaping the awareness of customers and the rest of the community to encourage, defend and look after the reputation of a business, businesses or other corporate entities. ( Crane, A & Matten D, 2004 ) discuss how in business ethics it is important that social policies are put into place for a business to have a good reputation and controlling is the act of checking, regulating and verifying wether everything occurs as per the standard sets and plans adopted. Better conditions of work should be maintained at all times. It is very important that when owners manage their business that reputation is of a high standard otherwise it can become an additional implication and an extra burden.

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