Business Organization

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There is a rapid growth in the global business organizational concept with a need for change in business philosophy. Modern business managers strive to make business management more effective and efficient. I have always been fascinated by the new business ideas and the new technological innovation geared towards incorporating information technology in business management.

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More importantly, I love creativity and have been inspired by the notion of running a business and the risks involved. It is, therefore, my wish to pursue an undergraduate degree in business and management at the university. I have chosen a business related field because I have been interested in business.

In addition, I have always been ambitious and looking for a university with a view of gaining credentials with which I can begin a successful career. It is important to note that I am an African of Ghanaian origin. I successfully completed a pre-university course at Kings College in London which has given me a better insight into the business world. During this course, I developed a kin interest in business and management. It has strengthened my strong belief into pursuing this course to a greater depth. While at the college, I was assigned the responsibility to manage and coordinate class activities. The challenges I faced helped me to develop a broader perspective on business and management.

Furthermore, as far as education is concerned, I have studied in depth subjects related to this field. I have higher grades in mathematics and languages. Through hard work and dedication, I have developed an interest in mathematics, and I look forward to studying it even at a higher level.

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