Business Model Canvas Analysis – PayPal

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C:UsersgytisDesktopPaypal-Logo.jpg   C:UsersgytisDesktopPaypal-Logo.jpg Contents 1)Presentation Date 2)Group Members 3)Report submitted to 4)Declaration 4)Introduction 4.2)Advantages of BMC 4.2.1)Focus 4.2.2) Common language 4.2.3)Value proposition 4.3)Dissadvantages of BMC 5)Business model canvas: Paypal 5.1)Segmentation 5.1.1)Customers 5.1.2)Value Propositions 5.1.3)Channels 5.1.4)Customer Relationships 5.1.5)Key Resources 5.1.6)Key activities 5.1.7)Key Partnerships 5.1.8)Cost Structure 5.1.9)Revenue Streams 6)Conclusion Bibliography


Our group has decided to choose Paypal to analyse their business model canvas. Generally, business model describes the rationale of how organisation “creates, delivers and captures value” (Osterwalder, 2010).Therefore, Business model canvas is “strategic management” (Pigneur, 2014) tool. It is composed of nine building blocks.The reason we have chosen business model canvas because it helps organizations to conduct structured, tangible, and strategic conversations around new business or existing ones. Organisations such as paypal use the canvas to manage their strategy or create new growth engines.

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4.2)Advantages of BMC

The concept of business model canvas is to provide a “simple,intuitive and flexible” (Webb, 2014) tool that can be created quickly and applied to a ongoing or new business sturcture. It is used as a single page that displays overview of the business “offering,infastructure, market and finances” (Webb, 2014). There key advantages considered by our group are:


Business model canvas is designed to guide thinking through each of the key components. It allows business to understand how each aspect relates to the others. It allows to approach business in a systematic and formal way.The key principle of business model canvas is to concentrate on “quality rather than quantity”. Its main purpuse is to determine key inputs in each building block, its simple and focused.

4.2.2) Common language

The beauty of business model canvas is that it creates a common reference and language that can be used to articulate, share and gain feeback on each business model and its consitutent parts.

4.2.3)Value proposition

Critically, at the heart of business model canvas is the value proposition. Business model canvas addresses issues which are internal and external in nature and focuses on business ability to generate value. The ability to generate value is key component and all behaviours of a business focuses around that internal component. Even with significant advantages of business canvas, there are dissadvantages which have to be taken into consideration.

4.3)Dissadvantages of BMC

The BMC has some important dissadvantages as well. It completely ignores competition, therefore will not help define differentiators and market share,

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