Business Leadership Assignment

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Business Leadership MODEL THE WAY INSPIRE A SHARED VISION CHALLENGE THE PROCESS ENABLE OTHERS TO ACT ENCOURAGE THE HEART LEADERSHIP IS EVERYONE’S BUSINESS BUSINESS LEADERSHIP MODEL THE WAY Sheikh Omar Al Aminis the CEO and a great role model and a very principled leader of the Al-Amin Group, it’s a company based near UAE’s maritime, insurance and transport sectors. It is located in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, Al-Amin Group works in many dimensions. Under the leadership of its founder and leader, H.E Sheikh Omar Al-amin, Because of hard work and lots of enthusiasm towards work of its leader it has become the biggest expanded group of companies in the Middle East.

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The area ignoring the Gulf of Oman and the Indian Ocean, Al-Amin Group was started with focusing the maritime sector in Fujairah in 1953. From then there have been flourishing projects started in the transport and insurance sector in the UAE. Lots of hard work and with a great leadership quality of its CEO the company has become more successful in UAE. Al-Amin has inspired me a lot; he not only shows verbally that he is a good leader but also by implementing all leadership quality in his professional life. By applying five practices of exemplary leadership he motivated his staff through his speeches to achieve the objective of mission and vision of the company in a systematic way; he took best out of them by appreciating their work, he conducted workshops for his employees to polished them, arranged meetings with every team to find out what employees want to change in the company consider the convenient options and add them in the company’s missions for the betterment of the company, last but not the least he gave incentives to the employees for giving best performance which also motivated staff. “Find Your Voice” in the term of leadership means that before becoming a convincing leader one should belief in oneself or one should connect his/her voice to what he/she is actually doing. For an influential leader we can take Sheikh Omar Al Aminexample who has find his voice by doing what he said in his life, he believed in his capabilities and did great and impressive work and followed principled which was totally made by him. INSPIRE A SHARED VISION Being forward-looking is a business slang terminology which means forecasting about future business situations. It is very important attribute for an active leader because only the active leader is interested to know about the business future conditions to take the important steps for tackling the problem that will happen in the future. We can take this example that if the prices of raw materials are going to rise up in the future,

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