The Samsung Galaxy S4 defects

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Introduction. Legal Issues Raised by the Samsung Galaxy Incident. Legal Advice that can be offered to Ashley, etc… Samsung Liability. Conclusion Reference List


Legal issues in business provide the product liability law that is used to provide victims who encounter dangerous products with relevant legal recourse. The clients should be catered for especially when they suffer injuries from the products talked about. Generally, a product is always required to meet the ordinary expectations that a consumer wants. Products that have unexpected defects or danger are often are considered not to meet the consumers’ ordinary expectations. A number of different parties may be held liable for depending on the types of defects that come by including injuries that result from using such defective products. Legal issues that protect the consumers are a bit complicated and consumers must meet their expectations from the product. This paper explains legal issues, and liabilities held based on a video involving defection of Samsung galaxy s4.

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Legal Issues Raised by the Samsung Galaxy Incident.

Based on the IRAC system, legal issues that arise in this Samsung galaxy s4 video are common issues and defects that must be addressed. A legal issue that arises first is product liability, and manufacturers are supposed to be held responsible in this case. Product liability as a legal issue that arises in the video also hold responsible distributors, suppliers, retailers and other people who make products available to consumers for injuries that those products cause. Product liability in law is actually limited traditionally to products that are in the form of tangible and personal property Jennings (2013). Product liability here is based on negligence whereby and a breach of fitness in the warranty of products. Product liability in the Samsung Galaxy s4 comes when the products are costly yet they do not meet the needs of consumers. Samsung products, as known by many, are often costly, and the three phones from Ashley, Clare, and Anna are all faulty. Anna has even been to an extent of burning on the face with Ashley being at a point of burning his bed sheets and spoiling his charger. Product liability here should ensure that Samsung Galaxy S4 Company takes all the responsibilities that come with default. For the jurisdiction, legal matters require that one should approve that the product was defective, and the video has proven that the Samsung phones were all defective Bagley & Dauchy(2012).All the three types of product defectiveness would incur Samsung, the liability of its manufacturers and suppliers. As a legal issue, product liability involves design defects, marketing defects and those for manufacturing. As for the case of the video, there could have been some design defects that are inherent in all the phones of victims shown in the video.

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