Business Law Report

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  1. Introduction

In this report, we will Take a specific Company/organization/Corporations as a Model and discuss Business Law/Industrial Law that Support the Functioning of the Organization ,then finally analyze how the different Business/industrial laws is supporting/Benefiting the Smooth Running of such above mentioned Company/Corporation. Finally we will Investigate the Common issues that arise when Applying Business Law/industrial law on the framework of our understanding of the issue. Finding a potential company/corporation for work and investigating how business law/industrial law is support such corporation and how this commercial law is helping in the smooth running of the organization is a sure way to gain knowledge and experience in my area of chosen study.

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This concise report will make it possible for students to get acquainted with such organizations and find practical experience as well as find a good exceptional understanding of the source material. Since business law is quite important when dealing with companies/corporations, it makes sense that we deal with it from the perspective of an employee, academic as well as from the perspective of the companies that abide by the rule of commercial business law.

  1. The Company/Organization Model

The focus will be on DUBAI INTERNET CITY, The current Middleast and North Africa Largest ICT supplier which since 2000 has successfully developed a Thriving Ecosystem for technology Organizations in the Middle East and North Africa. This Company has been one of the best forerunners in Transforming Dubai`s Vision into a Knowledge-Based Economy. This is basically information Technology Hub Created by the Authority in Dubai as a Free TRADE ZONE and as important base for companies targeting Regional developing markets. DIC licenses both business/companies and inviduals to carry out certain different activities within the DIC, and they include SOFTWARE, INTERNET AND MEDIA, TELECOMMUNICATION AND NETWORKS,E-COMMERCE and MANY OTHER LICENSES. In addition to that, available in DIC is various communities anchored by global, regional and local leaders in the industry. We will divulge into the application of business law to DIC, How Business law is Helping DIC run Smooth fully and efficiently. This is our main concern for this report. 3. scope This report will cover the main basics of Business law also known as Commercial law, the application of Commercial Law in the business industry and also find the limits and Boundaries of Business law/commercial law and finally tackle the issue in a manner that reeks of professionalism and academic integrity and impartially. This is the Framework that we will be working on and deducing our own conclusions about it.

  1. Method

Most of the information in this report was Collected/ gathered from Internet Business Articles, DUBAI internet City Websites ,News Articles That Deal and Talk about BUSSINESS/COMMERICAL law and Its Application in the Industry as well as My Own Experience When applying for Job in These Companies and what I have Discovered.

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