Business Ethics Assignment on Innocent Drinks & Walmart

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Business Ethics Innocent Drink Innocent Drink is a fastest emerging drinks company and a well-known juice manufactures in the UK, producing high quality smoothies. Their products are sold in many supermarkets, coffee shops and various other outlets. Innocents Drink’s mission is to supply consumers a health-conscious drink by only using 100% natural fruits with no added artificial, with a mission statement “make a natural delicious food and drink that helps people live well and die old” encouraging consumers to keep a healthy lifestyle so they are physically and mentally better off after have consumed their food. The principle the business has set is “create a business we can be proud of” which they have used to set their values around. Their five core values they want every employees to work by is to be natural, be entrepreneurial, be responsible, be commercial and be generous. The five core values support the business to become successful and build trust in their products by becoming more environmentally and ethically conscious. Business ethics plays a vital role on the business aims and objectives. Innocent drink’s takes business ethics very seriously as they accept responsibility for the impact of their business caused on the community and the environment, aiming to change theses impact from negative to positive as they trying to become a truly sustainable business which has positive effect on the society and the environment. Innocent has placed high standards to ensure that the quality of their food and drink by keeps things all natural and using only 100% pure fruits and vegetable on the product. Given the values it indicates about what their business ethics are. Above all the business is committed to provide their workers with a best working environments and ensuring that every worker is being treated fairly with dignity. In order to ensure that they are ethical, Innocent Drink carry out a few activates including:

  1. The innocent’s main aim is to reduce the energy consumption and waste in their supply chain much as possible. This aim benefits both the company and the environment as the business will cut down cost if less energy is used, reduces greenhouse gas emission and reduce global warming. Additionally the business focuses on sustainability, using less environment footprints as much as they can. They also concentrate on producing products and packaging which are eco-friendly and does less harm to the environment, innocent has already managed to decrease its carbon emission by 21% using more eco-friendly packaging whilst keeping their products fresh as long as possible. Innocent seeks to make the world a better place by becoming more environmentally friendly and using recycled PET packaging as much as possible. Currently in one factory had 0 wastage to the landfill sites as they give their surplus stock to homeless people and people in need to ensure that nothing is wasted. These activities carries by the business allows them to stick to their core value and supply customers a truly innocent drink.

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