Business Essays – Transportation Freight System

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Transportation Freight System


There has been a high problem that faces the transportation sector and there is the need for the introduction of means that will solve these problems. One of the most used means is the freight transportation system and therefore the need for the survey that will lead to the linking of this communication gaps and have the provision of facts and figures so that the solution on the carriers and the shippers can give in direct connection to bring the intended solutions. There is need to attract the customers in the transport system and this is done through establishment of the programs like the wonderful transportation system ltd that was established in the year 1997 and its main aim was to offer the professional and global logistics solutions for the customers through the establishment of a well overseas network that was targeted at covering more than 200 cities in the whole world.

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The opinions are based on the core value where by the staff has to be trained on the ways that are best to lead to the work been done as expected and therefore the manager of the organization should be a person who is very much persistent and thoughtful meaning that the solutions that are required to attract the customers is taken with a lot of concern. (Blattberg, 1980) There is the airfreight market where by although the prices are more when compared to the shipping there is the belief that the air transport has got a high space for the development this is because they have the knowledge on what the customers requires and therefore this will lead to the targeted services that will be important and of benefit to the customers. The program care for the large sellers that is in the flow of supply meaning that they ensure that no delays will have to be experienced and this is due to the fact that they have the best ways that will have to cover these sellers from experiencing delays of their goods. With the wonderful transportation ltd then it has many vessels for the air transport that is very costly but with the calculation of these costs then the seller at the end gets profit that is expected. The competition has been in raise with the profit becoming low but the airfreight industry is believed to have high profits this is due to the fact that the international companies have a high profit that results from the perfect management system. The wonderful transportation ltd makes use of the new technology that will lead to the expected attraction of the customers like for example they make use of the Internet and with this they have very powerful network system and many branches this means that they care a lot for the customers.

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