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In recent years retail banking services have universally adopted relationship marketing / customer relationship marketing strategy as their strategic priority; is this justified in the light of experience and current financial service market place.

Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1: Introduction Retail Banking is an evergreen business sector and the potential for innovation is limitless. The increased awareness of the bankers that the customers are the back bone of any business and the stiff competition in the banking sector through the increased penetration and expansion of finance and non-finance organizations venturing into this areas of banking has created an awareness that retaining and serving the existing customer is more critical than searching for potential new customers. This report analyses the extent to which the retail-banking sector is deploying the potential of customer relationship marketing strategy as a strategic priority to develop their business and serve the customers.

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The report focuses on the fact whether the extensive use of Customer Relationship Marketing strategy in the retail banking sector business is justifiable or not. 1.2: Aim and Objectives The aim of this report is to analyse whether the increased use of Customer Relationship Marketing strategy by the retails banking sector and financial institutions as a core strategy is justifiable or not. This is achieved through the following objectives.

  • To analyse the growth of retail banking sector and the criticality of information in the retail-banking sector and the financials institutions in general.
  • To analyse the effects of using Customer Relationship Marketing strategy and the advantages of Customer Relationship Marketing in mining information in providing a second to none customer service by the banks.

1.3: Background for the study The increased use of Internet banking and numerous tools for customer service by the banks in the UK is the primary reason for the conception of this report. Alongside, the fact that accurate information about the target customers in any business market is the critical factor for the success of an organization is that business sector. Apparently, banking sector is one of the numerous sectors that faces the public on a day-to-day basis and almost every individual in the society is linked with a bank in one form or another which gives the bank an increasing potential to develop their business and investment through identifying potential customers whilst retaining the existing customers. 1.4: Research The research is primarily supported through the use of secondary data like journals, annual reports, textbooks and white papers. The information provided by the journals about the market and the use of Customer Relationship Marketing strategy by banks is concrete and the need for funding to conduct market research either through questionnaire or other methods of primary data collection is the reason for choosing the secondary data source.

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