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Responsibility Volvo Company

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Marketing

I. Background:

According to Volvo (2007a) define that Volvo is wholly-owned subsidiary of Ford Motor Company since 1999 by together with Jaguar, Land Rover and Aston Martin, the company is part of the Premier Automotive Group (PAG) in the Ford’s premium car division. Volvo Cars is a Centre of Excellence for Safety for Ford Motor Company, as well as a Centre of Excellence for Telemetric for PAG.

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The ‘Volvo’ name is owned by Volvo Trademark Holding AB, which is jointly owned by Ford Motor Company and AB Volvo. Volvo Cars employs a total of about 25,553 people. The company sold a total of more than 427,700 new Volvo cars in 2006. The Volvo Cars head office, product development, marketing and administration functions are located in Goteborg. Its cars are marketed and sold by regional market companies and national sales companies in about 100 countries.

  • The plan, development, proposition of the organisation:

The Volvo car production plants are located in Goteborg and Uddevalla in Sweden and Ghent, Belgium. Pininfarina Sverige, Uddevalla is owned jointly by Pininfarina SpA of Italy (60%) and Volvo Cars (40%). Certain components are manufactured at their Swedish plants in Skovde, Floby and Olofstrom, while the company also operates small assembly plants in Malaysia and Thailand. Small amounts of Volvo cars were also assembled at Fords factory in South Africa. In addition, production of Volvo cars also started at Changan Ford Mazda Automobile Co., Ltd since 2006. (Changan Ford Mazda Automobile), Ford Motor Company’s passenger-car joint venture in Chongqing, China. (Reference1) In Volvo (2007a), it defined that Volvo had launched the new C30 which is a car for an active lifestyle in urban areas, thus making debut in the segment for two-door premium cars. The sales target is 65, 000 cars a year and 75% of the expected buyers will be in Europe. Volvo Cars also launched Flexi Fuel models powered by renewable bio-ethanol on several European markets during autumn. The green model range is also being extended and even Volvo’s new C30 will be offered with eco-optimised Flexi Fuel power. In Volvo (2007a) its cars Management Team decided to reinforce the organisation and governance processes for environment issues to be better prepared to meet future environmental challenges and thereby further strengthen the Volvo brand. Product related issues are governed by the Environmental Committee within the PSC (Product Strategy Committee). The Environmental Committee is headed by Sven-Erik Svensson and Lex Kerssemakers. It focuses on long term strategic product issues and to improve coordination between Product Development, BBPS (Brand Business and Product Strategy), Governmental, Legal and Public Affairs as well as seeking further synergies within FMC. All non-products related issues are governed by Steven Armstrong and the Environmental Committee within the Operations Committee.

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