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Business Plan Education

Literature Review for Integrative Project


Starting a business can be difficult. However, with the right knowledge and help, a successful business can start and operate indefinitely. This literature review will discuss have to prepare a successful business plan, solicit grant funding and start a non-profit minority organization that reflects teaching character education along with academics to help build good character and social responsibility for some disadvantaged children.

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Introduction Every day and everywhere there are different cultures. This is not going to change. A lot of times when we use the word culture people think we are speaking only about color or race. However, culture includes race, class, gender, groups and a number of other things. So even if we are not dealing with race, we may have to deal with a gender or a particular class of people; and camp goers are definitely a different class of kids. As children experience things in their young lives they develop different outlooks on the world and flock to certain groups and classes. However, if children have a variety of experiences with a variety of resources they become versatile and can be comfortable in any group or class. (Riehl, 1993). Certain philosophies should be used when teaching students about culture and bias so that they are able to see or hear through the media and other forms of uncontrolled avenues and continue to have little or no self-esteem issues. GLAM’R House’s business plan depicts the educational need of cultural, academics, morality and social responsibility in minorities, which certainly include most ethnic groups. Its claim is to educate these groups in social development and other areas that will affect them in the future. During my research there were other camps that catered to minorities along with academics and other activities. However, the one that stuck out in my mind was Camp Atwater. This camp has been in existence since 1921. The camp offers a residential camp experience within an Afro centric framework. Their said goal of this camp is to create an experience that will assist in the development of positive values in youth ( Even though some people believe that camps are just for fun or, are just a summer divergent for children whose parents can afford to send them away; it is not! Nonetheless, camps help children identify themselves. Theme One: The Business Plan In order to start a new business, you must have a plan. There are government agencies that will assist new minority business owners who have a concrete plan to start a perspective business. Some of government agencies only focus on new entrepreneurs as they help them promote growth and competition publicly and privately while others focus on established progressive businesses (

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