Business Environment Assignment

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Business Environment Table of Contents Section One: Introduction Executive Summary—————————————————————————2 Section Two: Discussion and Findings (LO2) 1.1————————————————————————————————3 1.2————————————————————————————————4 1.3————————————————————————————————5 Section Three Recommendations—————————————————————————-6 Conclusion————————————————————————————–7 References————————————————————————————–8 Executive Summary The purpose of this research is to evaluate and provide solutions to a small business enterprise (Sumciouz Pastry) in terms of how they can perform and meet the needs of the different stakeholders that are affected by the business as well as developing and implementing techniques and plans to meet their goals. The senior partner (researcher) of the business consulting firm (Quality Innovators Consulting Agency) will assist the clients (private partners) who are in the process of purchasing the enterprise. The research will be presented in the form of a report.

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The researcher is to conduct a research for a group of small investors in the purchasing of a small business enterprise. This research can help investors and stakeholders in varying organizations and business industry to extend their knowledge of how their organizations can improve their operations through effective and efficient decision-making, planning and development of effective strategies in order for their businesses to progress. As a student pursuing a career in the field of business this research will serve to increase my knowledge in the capacity of assessing how different methods and planning can help businesses maintain its viability and is successful. The research design was a quantitative research collected by secondary data gathering. The internet and books were used as it was convenient and effective in the collection of data. The data generated was analyzed and reflected in the results of the report. Due to the fact that the research was that of a quantitative one in nature, the research maybe lacking in terms of getting primary information that would have yield more insight into the research. The researcher found that the business was hampered at times in relation to improving on its business and its operations based on the increase in interest rates at lending agencies. The researcher recommends that the business to seek and find more avenues that are available to assist them in terms of lending so as to allow the business to be able to progress as it want to and to ensure that it makes decisions that are effective in seeing increased productivity for the business so that due to the type of economic system that it is operating within. Discussion and Analysis LO2 Understand the nature of the national environment in which businesses operate 2.1 Explain how economic systems attempt to allocate resources effectively Economic systems are effectively used to allocate resources effectively and efficiently throughout an economy. There are a number of economic systems that exists in the economy of which are traditional economic system, command economic system/planned economy that factors in socialism and market economies and pure market,

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