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Development of An Algorithm to Arrange Production Work Order For Minimizing Delay Time At An Assembly Line


Mixed product assembly lines allow for the assembly of variable products at a time. This fits to one of the customer’s demands for product variability. In order to manufacture and assemble variable products simultaneously, it is therefore important that the work order be designed and balanced at the assembly section so that the production line works as efficiently as possible.

The time standards of different parts vary according to customer preferences. Because of the variation of different time standards, the times that parts arrive at the assembly point vary and thus generate delay at the assembly point. The problem is to how to find a way to optimize the work order so that least delay time is achieved in the line. It accounts for some relevant issues that reflect operating conditions of the real-world assembly lines to make the solution applicable universally for any type of mixed product assembly line.

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Methodology includes a step-by-step process of working on how and why to: generate a random data, calculate real-time assembly line calculations, make product patterns, and sort of patterns for the creation of the Universal algorithm. Tools like Microsoft Excel are used for analyzing the generated data. This study is intended to benefit all types of assembly lines in increasing their productivity and reduce lead-time while manufacturing and assembling a variety of products. Examples are presented to illustrate the implementation of methodology.

The delay times of the original random data and the optimized work order data for four data sets with each set consisting of 500 products are compared. Ultimately, the developed algorithm optimizes the work order of products at the assembly section to aid in achieving minimum possible delay time.

Chapter 1


Present day competition is pushing for more and more emphasis on product variability based on customer preferences. This can be achieved by installing mixed-model assembly lines which allows making similar model products at a time in a random order. In order to manufacture and assemble a variety of products simultaneously, it is important that the line be optimized and balanced so that it works as effectively and efficiently as possible. Optimization of production order of parts on an assembly line can be achieved by incorporating tools and generation of an algorithm rather than following an infinite list of steps that can be taken in order to solve a specific problem to produce a certain result.

Optimization of the production line or process parameters is an important step to elevate the productivity of a manufacturing company. Minimization of delay time along the production line is one of the optimization techniques.

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