Business Communication Trends

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Business Communication Trends University of Phoenix Business Communication Trends Communication is essential for life in general but in business settings, it is absolutely critical. Communication is commonly assumed to consist of just speaking and listening and this is true in most cases. However, there are other elements that make up this seemingly simple, yet very complex process. If these other elements are not taken into consideration the ability to communicate, or transfer information from one source to another will be greatly impaired. The importance of communication to an organizations ability to perform its daily business functions cannot be overemphasized, and the effectiveness of those communications can either help bring success or lead to failure. Communication plays a much larger role in the daily activities of a business than many people realize. The manager manager cannot get work accomplished by his or her employees unless what needs to be done is effectively communicated, and the manager cannot properly manage if his or her subordinates aren’t communicating with them. Which personnel are at work, who is working on what, estimated time of completion, and budgeting and accounting are just a few examples of the information that communications can provide to both employees and management. Many management problems have arisen because of misunderstandings or misrepresentations. However, with the help of effective communication, these management problems can be eliminated, or at least greatly reduced. Communication can also greatly enhance motivation and improve the morale of employees. Inappropriate or faulty communication between employees or between managers and subordinates can cause conflict and low morale in the workplace. Managers must clarify what employees are expected to do, how well they are doing, and what can be done for better performance. Effective communications can also help maintain good human relations in an organization by encouraging ideas or suggestions, and implementing them whenever possible. Communication and business communications are changing on an almost daily basis and management must adapt to these new trends in order to keep things running smoothly. Most of the biggest changes come in the form of technology changes.

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