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1.0 Executive Summary

May 31, 2009 marks the grand opening of Business and Fun Travel Agency (BFTA) and will strive to be the primary travel agent to service people in the Central North America, specifically the Pine Bluff, Arkansas area. BFTA’s potential success relies on the annual growth in the travel industry. Further, the Pine Bluff traveling needs are expeditiously increasing due the growth in its business economy. More and more companies are paying for employee development which in turn, will afford BFTA the opportunity to take advantage of the travel ripened environment. The Pine Bluff area and its surrounding states have a large concentration of vacation resorts. BFTA’s target market is a unique group and BFTA will provide a specialized and thus differentiated service. BTFA will strive to stay competitive in this industry, and anticipates yielding about $250,000 within its 1st year of operating.

2.0 Introduction

BFTA is a travel agency that will service not only the business district, but personal travel seekers as well. We provide consulting and custom business travel arrangements as well personal vacation packages. BFTA’s strive to become the most elite provider of traveling market to the people of the Pine Bluff, AR. BFTA’s employees and owner are prolific travel individuals, as well as keen business professionals.

3.0 SWOT Analysis

3.1 Strengths

  • BFTA’s owner has a great reputation in this industry. His experience and the network of valuable connections he has developed will contribute greatly to BFTA’s success.
  • BFTA will be ideally located. The Pine Bluff, AR is a mid-size city with and fairly large business district. In addition, Pine Bluff is located 45 miles from the Little Rock, AR and less than two hours from Hot Springs. The Arkansas River surrounds the state. Also, Pine Bluff is conveniently positioned in close proximity to Tennessee, Texas, and Kansas City. These geographic features will continue to attract potential customers.
  • The BFTA team is experienced in the business travel business and in vacation resorts. Initially, BFTA will be owned and operated by, Craig Russell and his wife La Shanna Russell and an Assistant Amber Hunter. Both Mr. and Mrs. Russell a very vast knowledge of business travels as well as relaxing vacation spots through personal and business related experience.

Moreover, they are both willing to sacrifice extra time and effort to build a successful business. BFTA will offer profit sharing as well as an excellent benefit package to its ground-floor members. BTFA will also in the future utilize small businesses to stimulate the economic growth in the area.

  • BFTA is extremely confident that the traveling market will continue to grow. A vast majority of the population is beginning to travel significantly whether it is business or leisure.

3.2 Weaknesses

  • BFTA is a start-up and the odds are stacked against small start-up companies.
  • With limited staffing,

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