Business Assessment Report An Ever After Executive Summary Business Essay

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An ever after is a small wedding reception that is situated in Circular Quay built around the beautiful shores of the harbour. The view is without a doubt, very astonishing and will fulfil the night and the customers’ expectations. The aim of the business is to satisfy the needs of customers and required to create the most amazing event of their dreams.

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An ever after wedding reception is registered as a sole trader and the sole owner is Stephanie Azzi. It will employ from 1-20 employees as it is registered as a small business. An ever after wedding reception will employ many people with skills and experience and have motivation, as the workforce is dependent on the employees, therefore their satisfaction is essential. The business hopes to be successful in order to expand in future period of time to make a larger dance floor and provide more services which will persuade customers. The wedding reception is opened to all ages who are planning on having a small marriage ceremony, while all receptions focus on food and service, ‘an ever after’ will provide just about everything else. It plans to offer stakeholders great work entitlements and great amount of rewards and achieve good relationships between employer and employee in order for the business to become a success. The business will plan on expanding in the future to attract more customers and begin making it not just for weddings but other sort of parties as well. An ever after offers many services to its customers for their satisfaction such as providing their own photographer and music and this will be a great advantage to other competitors.

Business description and ownership

An Ever After wedding reception is positioned at 18 Captain Cook St Circular Quay located near the clear water. The location is wonderful as it is overlooked by a marvellous view of the city. It is associated with the legal structure of a sole trader owned by Stephanie Azzi where the owner has unlimited liability therefore is responsible for the debt that is incurred by the business. The business type is to provide a service for customers when it comes to their special day and provide any facilities in need. The prime function of the business is to provide a great wedding for customers in this amazing reception that will be a night to remember, its aims be more successful than its competitors with a good reputation and have good amount of budget. The wedding reception is opened to all ages who are interested in marriage ceremonies with the most breathtaking view; it hopes to appeal to its target market so it can increase its reputation and bring more customers to the wedding reception. It promises employee’s great work entitlements and the society a perfect reception that promises will be an unforgettable night.

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