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Business administration

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My goal is to do Masters in Business Administration. My decision to pursue post graduate study is to take up my family business. This underscored by my desire to be a part of the post graduate program at your institution.


Throughout my academic career, I have pursued and achieved good academics and excellent communication skills. In school, I regularly topped and achieved good results in both academic and social activities. I am good at Co-curricular activities too. With this level of academic consistency, I hold my own against the very best in my field. At this juncture, I would like to add that I have been organizing and participating in extracurricular and co-curricular activities. The boundless possibility of trying out and the instant knowledge of the outcome that simulates one for further analysis is a rational in question is what I find is most appealing. With a keen interest in Business Administration, I selected this field of study in my post graduation. I have done my graduation in computer science and i thought of continuing my career in technical field. In my final year of graduation i got a job in Accenture an Indian based multinational company, but at the time due to recession I didn't get a call from the company to join the job. And at that time I was helpless and i did lot of courses to improve my skills in the same field. The reason why i have chosen to do that job is to gain experience and i was very much interested in business but i thought of doing the job for two to three years and start a business in the same field, but due to recession i didn't join the job. My father was running a business and we are the distributors for Asian paints and my father does real estate business as well. As i was interested in business I was helping my father in our business and i was actively taking part in promotion of the brand and products, during my graduation i was working with my father to develop our business I have strongly taken part in opening of our new franchise for paints, I personally went and surveyed the market over there. That was my first visit, I worked talked to lot of people and i got a nice response from them and even i asked them about the products they used to paint their house i told them about our products, and during my survey i got huge response and beside of that the goodwill of our company made me to open a franchise at that place. that was my first achievement. The business knowledge what I have is not enough i want to improve my skills a lot and my father is running the business from thirty-five years he is running the business with a lot of experience. I asked my father i want to do MBA he directly told me to go ahead and even my uncle he is running a software company in Hyderabad i asked him whether the decision i have taken is good or not then he told me first do the MBA then get in to a job and have a complete look at the company management and how they a making the people to work and how they are managing the work. The main thing why i have chosen to do MBA is to develop my business skills and learn how to run a organisation and the managerial skills which are mainly essential for managing a company and how to run the business in a profitable way. To my knowledge by doing MBA we can't become a perfect business man we need a lot of experience to manage a company and manage people. First we should know how to overcome the problems in feature. Example: if there is problem with the product we manufactured we should study the product carefully and think as if you are the customer and you are using the product, then only we will come to know about the product, and how to overcome the problems. And regarding my feature plans i want to start a new business but before that i have to complete my MBA and learn the business skills and i have to learn a lot of skills from my professors. And after my graduation i will work for two to three years in a company and i will help my father in expanding our business and i want to expand our real estate business to other states in India. And my long term goal is to start paint's manufacturing industry. At that time i will be well experienced to manage a company and make the company the number one in India.

Discussion on learning style questioner:

According to honey and Mumford he tries to divide the people in to theorist, pragmatist, reflector and activist based on the learning style questioner. It depends on the person how he thinks. Each and every person has his own way of thinking. Based on this questioner it states that I am a reflector. It states that i am very careful about each and every thing that I manage in my company. I will listen to the people carefully and get the information from them and try to implement those. Even i am very thoughtful i try to think about the assignment given to me. The main thing is I will try to participate in meetings and discussions so that i can easily express my views and get a feedback on my thinking style instead of sitting back. Even in some cases come under pragmatists i take everything challenging in my case to start a business i will take it as a challenge. Every work given to me consider a project i will take it as a challenge and complete the given work in given time. I will try to do the things in practice i will try to implement new ideas in my business by thinking differently from other company such as promoting new products in to the market. I won't try to be theoretical i always try to be practical i will directly go in to the market to make a survey instead of depending on the paper work done by others. I will try to discuss directly with the customers because for example : feedback on a product weather it is good or not. I will also try to be an activist i will try to be open-minded and try to be enthusiastic to know the new things from my employees when i start a new business. And i will try to be flexible with my work as well as exposed to new situations. I won't think about the consequences that are going to be happened first i will try to implement my new idea. The reason why i am not an activist is that i won't give up my ideas to someone. The reason why i am not a theorist is that i will like to solve the problems in a different way as i am a reflector based on the honey and Mumford learning style i will listen to the information given by the people based on that i will try to solve the problem by discussing with my employees. And i will implement the procedures used by theorists and try to solve the problems in a logical way or to solve the problems in step by step procedure.



Mainly learning has been associated with reading books, attending course and lectures. Whatever we read is not only getting information or gathering information from someone, there are many types of learning some may suit for particular person based on their behaviour and his mindset. I will try to develop my skills by listening to the well experienced people or getting information from the lecturers. The main reason why i have chosen to do MBA is to improve my managerial skills; sometimes a well experienced person may also require improving his managerial skills. EXAMPLE: A highly qualified manager form a aerospace company was made redundant, as he was unable to find a job that suits him based on his experience. He totally understood the situation and he finally decided to do a short course in strategic management at a university. The reason why he has chosen to study was he has a naturally preference of thinking stage the cycle, and he felt more comfortable in learning new ideas and theoretical knowledge. So by seeking a professional advice from the consultant he realised that the best thing to do is to improve his personal and interpersonal skills by actively taking part in shorter presentation skills workshop. At first he found it uncomfortable and he saw that exactly what he needed to improve his skills and theoretical knowledge. Even in my case i will try to do the same thing because i had a plan to setup a new business the knowledge what i had is not enough to setup a new business in case my father helps me in running the business that is up to some extent i should have my own ideas to implement in to my business rather than depending every time that some one will come and help me out in doing. So i thought of doing MBA to improve my managerial skills. In the example what the manager did id good he didn't fell shy to do that course he tried to improve his skills. I will try to solve my problems in my company.


Any job given to me i will take it as a challenge and solve the problem. And my feature plans are after completing my MBA I will get in to a job in which i am planning to start a business and from there i will try to gain the experience from my senior managers i will implement my new ideas in to the company, and i will use all my new ideas and take the company in to higher position. And I will work there for two to three years to improve my managerial skills. And after that I will get in to my family business and i will improve our business by expanding business from a regional business to state wide business and as well as i will implement a lot of schemes in to our real estate business where i will try to attract a lot of customers by giving them homes in low cost with full facilities as today the real estate business is improving day by day and there is a huge competition in this field. If i am in need of any help in implementing those in to the market i won't fell shy to take help from my father or seniors' who has a lot of experience in this field.


After my education i will get in to a job in which i can implement all my managerial skills, i will improve the sales of a company by promoting the products in to the market by learning new things from my senior employees. I will work for two to three years in the company i will learn how to organise and manage work in a company.


After working for two to three years in the job i will be having a experience how to run a business. I will take charge of my dad's business and expand our business. I will start small scale paint's manufacturing industry with a limited no of products and start manufacturing painting material for large scale company.


In the long term i will expand my company and start promoting the product state wide and start manufacture in large scale i will tie up with the large scale companies to manufacture their products based on their formulas. As there is a huge competition in painting industry we can stick on to manufacture products for multinational companies like EXAMPLE: Asian paints ltd, ICI, Berger etc.


I have clearly divided my feature goals in to three parts that is short, medium and long term goals. I will join a job in which i am planning to do a business i will never mind whatever may be the salary i will work for gaining experience. And learn all the managerial skills from my senior managers, i will then get in to my family business and i will improve our business by extending our business in to state wide.
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