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My goal is to do Masters in Business Administration. My decision to pursue post graduate study is to take up my family business. This underscored by my desire to be a part of the post graduate program at your institution.


Throughout my academic career, I have pursued and achieved good academics and excellent communication skills. In school, I regularly topped and achieved good results in both academic and social activities. I am good at Co-curricular activities too. With this level of academic consistency, I hold my own against the very best in my field. At this juncture, I would like to add that I have been organizing and participating in extracurricular and co-curricular activities. The boundless possibility of trying out and the instant knowledge of the outcome that simulates one for further analysis is a rational in question is what I find is most appealing. With a keen interest in Business Administration, I selected this field of study in my post graduation. I have done my graduation in computer science and i thought of continuing my career in technical field. In my final year of graduation i got a job in Accenture an Indian based multinational company, but at the time due to recession I didn’t get a call from the company to join the job. And at that time I was helpless and i did lot of courses to improve my skills in the same field. The reason why i have chosen to do that job is to gain experience and i was very much interested in business but i thought of doing the job for two to three years and start a business in the same field, but due to recession i didn’t join the job. My father was running a business and we are the distributors for Asian paints and my father does real estate business as well. As i was interested in business I was helping my father in our business and i was actively taking part in promotion of the brand and products, during my graduation i was working with my father to develop our business I have strongly taken part in opening of our new franchise for paints, I personally went and surveyed the market over there. That was my first visit, I worked talked to lot of people and i got a nice response from them and even i asked them about the products they used to paint their house i told them about our products, and during my survey i got huge response and beside of that the goodwill of our company made me to open a franchise at that place. that was my first achievement. The business knowledge what I have is not enough i want to improve my skills a lot and my father is running the business from thirty-five years he is running the business with a lot of experience. I asked my father i want to do MBA he directly told me to go ahead and even my uncle he is running a software company in Hyderabad i asked him whether the decision i have taken is good or not then he told me first do the MBA then get in to a job and have a complete look at the company management and how they a making the people to work and how they are managing the work.

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