Busboy and Waitress

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Megan Corvette Ward English 101 1/26/10 The View from a Waitress at a Truck Stop I am a waitress; I work at the Flying J Country Market Restaurant in McCammon, ID. I have worked there for about two and a half years. My duties are to take peoples orders for food and drinks, serve it to them and make sure they are satisfied. As a waitress I’m the face of the restaurant to the customer, and if something goes wrong, my fault or not, they blame me. It takes a whole restaurant to make a table of customers happy. I am simply the one who retrieves the drinks and makes sure the food and service is to their satisfaction. Where I work once I take the customer’s order I enter it into a computer that prints out their bill and sends the order to the cook. If there are any really specific instructions to the ticket I have to tell the cooks or write on the ticket. Sometimes I forget, but four out of five times it’s the cooks fault. When another waitress takes a break or has a personal issue the other waitresses have to take care of the whole floor, this means all the tables, while the other waitress is gone. The dishwasher also plays a huge roll at the restaurant; they help keep us going with the small things that add up when you don’t have one. The things that add up that the dishwasher takes care of are the cups and little dishes we use for dressing or toast. The guests in the restaurant play a huge part in how the restaurant functions. Guests are exactly that they are guests. You treat you guest with respect and make sure they are happy, and in return they treat you with respect and thank you for all you do to make them happy.

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