Building and Planning Regulations in Sri Lanka

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Introduction to Law and Regulation Framework

This coursework report describes under law and regulatory framework. From this assignment aims to provide a study about building regulations, planning regulations in Srilanka. This report provides regards to the ongoing project at Villa Garden, Albert Crescent, Colombo 07.

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Project scenario The building known as Villa Garden, Albert Crescent, Colombo 07, has been refurbished and currently provides office space. However, the Developer has realized they made a mistake increatingoffices and now want to use the space as recreational accommodation. I.e. convert the buildingintoapproximately twenty serviced short stay apartments. TheDeveloper has asked us to give him initial advice on the processes which will be required to obtain planning permission for the proposal. Part-A Physical planning law is the law, which made for control and regulate building activities in the Srilanka. Local government and Urban Development Authority’s have the responsibility to implement this law in Srilanka. Town and country planning law(no.49 of 1946) was the law which controlled and regulated the building activities in the past. According to town and country planning law act no 49 of 2000. The Town & Country Planning (Amendment) Act, No. 49 of 2000 was approved by the Parliament and received the official sanction over establishing of National Physical Planning Department to replace the former Town & the County Planning Department And also Urban Development Authority of Srilanka One of the main responsible authority for building activities in urban areas. The UDA was established from parliament act no 48 of 1978 with intension to promote planning and implementation of economic, physical and social developments of the areas which declared by the authority.And our subject site area which situated on Albert Crescent, Colombo 07 also area which declared as an Urban area from the act no 41 of 1978. Due to that this building needs UDA approval. Urban development authority has provided their legal implements to land and building development by relevant acts. As shown in the following,

  • In 1990 Town and country planning act
  • In 2007 CDM regulations
  • In 2000 Building regulations
  • In 1980 building act
  • In 2008 planning act

And also By-laws, the rules and regulations enacted by an association or a corporation to provide a framework to control its own activities. Or laws which made by local governments. This building situated in Colombo-7, and then Colombo municipal council bylaws also applied for this building development. The main law which statutes for governs municipal councils is Municipal Council Ordinance (29 of 1947). Any new development or all other developments with additions and alterations to existing building are required to get a building approval as per the City of Colombo Development Plan (Amendment) 2008,

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