Buddhism and Hinduism

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Buddhism will differentiate itself from Hinduism in many aspects. Hinduism believe in Brahman, in the creator God, Buddhism does not believe in a God who created the world as a result Buddhism is a religion of wisdom, enlightenment and compassion. For Buddhism, our highest consciousness is the mind.

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The mind is the part of being based on experiences, knowledge and thoughts. What survives in Buddhism is not the Atma, the refined self or soul attached to the Brahman, but the mental current of each of us, with impressions left in it by our good or bad deeds. This mental current, when it is negative, gives rise to the new experience of life, to reincarnations. So we reincarnate because we of our actions and also the consequences of our actions karma (sequence of spiritual cause and effect) that is, negative marks in our mind. Every act we make shapes our future, when we no longer have negative impressions in the mental current, we do not incarnate anymore.

When our consciousness no longer has unsatisfactory marks, it enters into a state of bliss called Nirvana(the desirable state of mind). Unlike the Hinduism that in meditation and yoga search to clear the mind and support serene and detached awareness. In Buddhist, when meditating or practicing deity yoga the goal is to calm the mind to attain the blissfulness of the Buddha’s mind to embody the enlightenment qualities that the practitioner wishes to manifest. The two major branches of Buddhist meditation are samatha (calm abiding) and vipassana (insight).

While the Hindu is preoccupied with the universe in which we make our evolution, planetary chains, our evolutionary eras, etc., Buddhism is only dedicated to achieve happiness and freedom from our pains and sufferings. It is therefore called “”The doctrine of pain.”” In elimination of our fears of anger and attachment,

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