Buddhism And Four Rites Of Passages

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Buddhism has four rites of passages which include birth, becoming a monk, marriage and death. Like most religions they have a systematic approach to the rites of passages and are celebrated differently with each milestone. In the birth passage there are three stages to the process which include baptism, naming ceremony and dedication ceremony.

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During the Baptism the child is bathed in holy water by a monk to celebrate the birth of the baby and they are celebrated at nearby local temples by the monks. The naming ceremony is where the monk gives the baby a name and to help the child grow up and be prosperous and in good health. The final ceremony is the dedication ceremony is to ensure the child is made promises of commitment by the parents to ensure that the wellbeing of their child is met. This is the first stage of a long but fulfilling rite of passage to become a great follower of Buddha and the principles that the religion holds.

The next stage of the rite of passage is becoming a monk. In the first stage of the process the individual must get their head shaved and kept shaven as long as they are a monk. To become a monk, the teachings of Buddha must be followed and practiced. The significance of becoming a monk is to escape the cycle of rebirth and death. The teaching of Buddha teach monks to live the ways of a happier world and fight against the world’s imperfections and sufferings. (Rites of Buddhism 1). The teachings they must follow to remain pure in the Buddhism religion is to not harm living creatures,

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