Buddhism and Catholicism Marriage and Beliefs

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Religion can be defined as human beliefs towards a particular Supreme Being or deity. Religion guides people’s way of life and their interaction with other living things. Many people in the world owe their creation to gods, but there is a fraction of human beings in the world who do not believe in the existence of a Supreme Being or god.

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Other people believe that it is the act of a man and women through procreation that keeps the world going (Bobbie, 5). Religion advocates for marriage as a way of continuing their deity’s creation; in Catholicism, this is termed as a holy sacrament. On the contrary, Buddhism considers marriage as a secular affair (Anthony, 22).

The History of Catholicism and Buddhism

Buddhism religion started in India more than 2500 years ago and currently has around 350 million followers across the world. This religion is based on the concept of joy and freedom; it was named after Buddha who was claimed to have achieved enlightenment. Buddhism teaching has made its followers believe that good deeds lead to reincarnation either in heaven or in the form of another human being. On the other hand, evil deeds according to Buddhism results in a person’s rebirth either in hell or as an animal (Bobbie, 24).

Catholicism as a religion, on the other hand, believes in the holy trinity that is; God the father, son and the Holy Spirit. Catholicism is the largest religion on earth with over one billion followers. The followers believe a person should lead a holy life without sin but if somebody sins the grace through God’s son (Jesus Christ) can redeem them through partaking of the holy sacrament. Catholicism means a follower’s cooperation with their God and obedience into his way through acceptance of grace (Ronald, 10).

Similarities and Differences between Buddhism and Catholicism

Catholicism religion practices worship rituals to a supreme being concerning holy mass, a re-enactment of Holy Thursday to remember when Christ Jesus celebrated the last supper. Another ritual practiced by Catholics is the observation of Good Friday in commemorating the death of Jesus Christ as a sign of their redemption from the bondage of sin. Buddhists also practice rituals to their gods such as visiting the Buddha, confession of sins, practicing Dana, giving an offering, and going for refuge.

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