Buddha Teaching About Greed and Hatred

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According to Buddhist greed and hatred are referred to as poisons or fires (Harvey, P. 2012).? . The metaphors used to describe these two vices suggest how they are dangerous and also afflictive.

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Greed can described as being selfish, having misplaced desires and satisfying outward needs. On the other hand anger can be referred to as aversion and repulsion towards wrong views concerning reality. As a result of failing to control hatred and greed, actions which might cause suffering or unhappiness among the people. Generally in this paper, I will discuss the teachings concerning hatred and greed as per Buddhism teachings. Sankrit dvesa is used in Buddhism to mean hatred. In most situation hatred results from ignorance as people does not connection between various issues apart from the experiences they have. Dvesha is usually represented by a snake. Due to the fact that human beings see themselves as different from everything which is judged to be desirable (Epstein, M. 2013). Such issues make people to fell averted and always seek to avoid them. An individual may become angry when one interrupts anything which one wants to be done. Jealousy is also developed particularly when other individual have things which we do not have. Hatred I is also developed when something frightens us or seem to poses a danger to us. The symptoms of hated can be demonstrated through hostility, dislike or either wishing harm to another person. Human beings in most case usually avoid feeling and circumstance which most people do not like. At many times human beings want everything to be comfortable and satisfactory at all times. This behavior acts as reinforcement towards one perception about duality and separation. Lobha is actually represented as a wheel of life by a cock. The word lobha is actually found in sankrit and Pali, but in most cases used raga instead of lobha to mean the same thing. (Williams, P., Tribe, A., & Wynne, A. 2012). Greed can actually take different forms like acquiring property in order to raise one’s status quo. In most case individuals like to wear the most fashioned clothes so that they can be liked and admired, this will be expression of lobha. In general hatred and greed are usually linked to how personalities are conditioned. Human being is controlled by these two vices and they can be regarded to as roots which are buried deeply into individual’s mind. Understanding how to control greed and hatred may empower an individual and also choice about how to deal with these factors. According to Noble teaching about four truths, when an individual embraces and also understands exactly what causes dissatisfaction and suffering necessary action can be undertaken to extinguish such causes from ourselves. Greed is a burning need, craving and unsatisfied thirst.

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