Britain energy dissertation

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1.0 Introduction

The question of how Britain will be able to meet its energy demand in the next 10 – 10 years is a matter of concern for the British Government. With aging nuclear plants, replacing these with cleaner and more energy efficiency plants is going to be a challenge. This dissertation aims to investigate the government’s proposals to construct a new generation of nuclear plants and rely more on renewable technologies, whilst meeting the energy demand in next 10 – 20 years and cutting C02 emissions.

1.1 Aims

  • If Government proposals for new nuclear plants and renewable technologies will be able to meet Britain’s energy demands

1.2 Objectives

  • Is the current proposals the only answer
  • Can they meet their targets of cutting C02 emissions whilst meeting demand
  • Will they be able to construct the nuclear plants on time
  • Have all issues been addressed, such as safety concerns when considering constructing the nuclear plant.
  • Should renewables have a bigger contribution

1.3 Rationale

The British Government have been concerned with the gap of meeting the British demand in the next 10 – 20 years. With aging nuclear plants and questions surrounding what is going replace these, and the commitment of meeting targets to cut C02 emissions.

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The government has proposed to build a new generation of nuclear power stations and rely more on renewable energy to meet these demands. The conversational decision on this issue has raised further questions on whether this will be enough to make sure Britain does not suffer power black outs in the medium term. Experts in the nuclear sector have also questioned the proposals in terms of are these nuclear plants going to be build on time, who is going to pay for these plants and will the design be right to avoid any health and safety issues.

Other plans that the government proposes includes relying more on renewable energy to meet demand. Heavy investment will be needed to meet this target and it remains to seen if this will be enough to meet the demand.

2.0 Literature Review

2.1 World Energy Demands

Energy is fundamental in how we all lead our lives. As the years goes by and the higher the world population grows, this means that global demand for energy can only increase. The UN has predicted that as of 2005, 6.5 billion made up the worlds population, and this could grow up to 9.1 billion within 45 years (Asif and Muneer 2007). If the world’s population reaches this figure, then the world is going to face a challenge to meet the energy needs of all of these people,

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