Breast Cancer What are My Options

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Diagnostics is an expression that is derived from the word diagnosis. During the diagnosis process, it is advisable for a patient to seek multidisciplinary management so as to get accurate results and analysis. In a lay man’s language, multidisciplinary management is a form of patient care that entails the use of several disciplines and visiting different health professionals such as nurses, doctors, occupational therapists and psychologists (Radice & Redaelli, 2003).

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In such a case, health professionals work in a parallel manner so as to get consistent results and analysis. The most prevalent form of diagnosis or detecting breast cancer during the early stages is screening.

In a lay man’s language, breast cancer screening is a procedure that involves a patient undergoing breast medical check – ups before any symptoms or signs of the disorder. Essentially women who undergo screening are unlikely to suffer or die from breast cancer as compared to other women who do not take screening tests seriously. The effectiveness of the screening process widely depends on how frequent a woman visits a clinic or a hospital. A majority of medical experts suggest that the screening ought to be done at least every 3 – 1 years starting as early as age 20. By the age of 40 years, screening should be done at least once a year (Chang & Weiner & Hartman & Horvath & Jeste & Mischel & Kado, 2018). The only disadvantage associated with this form of diagnosis is false results which may force one to undergo more screening. This might turn out to be expensive and the patient may also subject themselves to more health risks due to radiation.

Unlike screening, breast cancer staging is a rather long process that requires a lot of medical operations to assert whether or not one is a victim of the disorder. To begin with, one must undergo a physical exam. During the examination, the health expert asks several medical questions and reviews analysis and results done by different physicians or procedures. Reviewing results is manly done for patients who have been treated from the disorder. After the physical examination and review of results, a patient is subjected to either blood tests or breast – imaging tests (Chlebowski & Aiello & McTiernan, 2002). The reason as to why blood tests are important is that it helps medical practitioners to identify the medical condition or status of their patients.

On the other side, breast – imaging tests are relatively important on the grounds that they help in determining the level or stage of cancer. In the event where breast cancer cells have spread to other parts of the body, there is a need for additional image – tests. Thereafter conducting a critical research and analysis,

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