Breast Cancer Treatment and Guidelines in Older Women

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Many people in today’s society are getting cancer from many things we consume. There are many methods and results I will be talking about. There was a study population of 1,568 that were 55 years old or older.

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This study was happening at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. They treated these people at the center during the time 1997-2002 for stage Stage IIA and I. Stage I and Stage IIIA are cancers that are present and the higher the number the larger the cancer or tumor has spread. What the center did was look at the treatments to determine guidelines. The treatments they used to determine were definitive surgical therapy, adjuvant radiation therapy after breast-conserving surgery, post mastectomy radiation, adjuvant chemotherapy, and adjuvant hormonal therapy. Age, level of education, race, marital status, and disease score were included in all final people was an impact in the treatment. “Treatment dates were used to determine which guideline was applicable at the time a patient was being treated if there were any changes in treatment recommendations.” (By) Accurate surgical treatment was characterized as lumpectomy, fractional mastectomy, segmental mastectomy, altered radical mastectomy, subcutaneous mastectomy, skin-sparing mastectomy, or radical mastectomy. Many calculated investigations were performed to decide the process between age and rule agreement, change of potential factor.


In the result about 1,568 women were included in the study. Ladies at 65 years old or older were more likely to be white, unmarried, and have only a high school education. As they believed, each older group of women had a higher had a higher percentage of women with sufficiently conditions, steady with the ageing process. “Significant differences were detected in estrogen receptor status, nuclear grade, and presence of intramammary lymphatic invasion, with older women less likely to have estrogen receptor-negative tumors, high-grade tumors, or tumors with intramammary lymphatic invasion.” (By) “The results were high for surgical therapy (90.4%), adjuvant radiation after breast-conserving surgery (94.2%), and adjuvant hormonal therapy (93.7%). However, overall concordance was lower for adjuvant chemotherapy (70.7%) and for adjuvant post mastectomy radiation (54.1%).” (By) Surgical therapy, adjuvant radiation after breast conservation, adjuvant chemotherapy, and adjuvant hormonal therapy was a low score for women.

In univariate examination, low tumor arranges, tall score, and understanding age 75 year old or more seasoned was related with need of conclusive surgical treatment. Ladies with stage II or III infection at determination had 4.33 times the chances of having conclusive surgery compared with ladies with organize I disease. “ Women who were age 75 years or older were also significantly less likely to receive definitive surgical therapy.” (By M.D.

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