Breast Cancer Problem

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This is a horrible disease that is attacking many women as well as men each day. Although it is known for men to develop the disease, it is mainly common among women. I have several friends and one real close friend that has battled with breast cancer.

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Between the treatment, surgery and the pain one goes through, it is awful. Personally, my oldest daughter and myself have dealt with what is known as borderline cells and had to surgically have them removed. It was a very scary time for both of us. Breast cancer is one of the top ten most common cancers among women in the United States and it is one of the increasing public health problems that we have today (Starr, Biology Life Science, 11th edition).


Breast cancer develops in breast tissue, usually in milk ducts or glands. At the beginning, breast cancer starts as a malignant tumor, a cluster of abnormal cells, which grow and invade surrounding healthy tissue (UAB Medicine 2018). Depending on the type of breast cancer and when it hits the blood system, the breast cancer can travel rapidly. Lumps that can be found in the breast are called signs of early detection. It is important for a woman to be familiar with her on breast so she might detect any changes to the nipple or the outer part of the breast. Sometime there is pain associated with the lump or abnormal of the outer skin to give a clue that something is wrong but not always does the individual feel the pain or discomfort as the first sign. Another sign can be discharge (clear or bloody) from the nipple of the breast. The changes in the breast are due to that tumors grow without the normal support of the connective tissue. Unfortunately, breast cancer does not stay within the means of the breast. Breast cancer can spread to the bones, the liver and the lungs. This horrible cancer and the painful treatment alone, weakens the immune system. When the cancer metastasis to the bones, and with the persons weaken immune system, the bones can easily be broken and hard for healing. If the cancer metastasis to the lungs, the person can develop difficulty in breathing, a persistent cough can develop and even pneumonia. Lastly, if the cancer metastasis to the liver,

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