Breast Cancer Disease

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The world is filled with terrible things, many of which are health problems. These problems can be fatal, damaging, and can change lifes. This specific disease, breast cancer, affects more than 200,000 women a year. As many people know, cancer is caused by overgrowth of the cells in ones body. It is also caused by the start of a tumor or the growth of a pre-existing tumor.

Breast cancer is started like most cancers, with an overgrowth in the breast tissue which eventually turns into a tumor. In some cases, it can be felt as a lump. This type of cancer is very common in women, but not as common in men. Some of the symptoms of this cancer are lumps in the breasts, a shape change in the nipple, and discharge from the nipple. These are some of the symptoms to alert a person if breast cancer is present in ones body.

There are many ways that breast cancer can be detected. One of the many ways is by scheduling a mammogram with a doctor. A mammogram is a machine that uses mammography to find alarming masses in the breasts. A mammogram is also kind of like a x-ray. The second way of detecting breast cancer is by getting an ultrasound. This method is also used by doctors to check on a fetus in the mother’s stomach, and check its health and progress. The way that an ultrasound works is that it uses soundwaves to create a very complex and detailed map of the inside of wherever the tool is being placed/used. One last way of diagnosing breast cancer is by going to get regular breast check ups. These check ups will consist of a trained professional examining both breasts, both armpits, and lymph nodes near the breast tissue.

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