Brave New World Compared to 1984

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Brave New World and 1984 are similar in illustrating a dystopic version of society, where the state strips individuals of their deepest humanities. The two governments illustrated, however, choose very different ways in which they control the individuals to achieve their societal goals. Brave New World succeeds in this, by the government making life satisfying for its people, through their conditioning, consumerism, sex and drugs (soma).

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The people believe that they are happy in the society which they live, and dont realize that they have been stripped of the opportunities to seek love, endure pain, consume things like art or religion, which are all things that make us feel fully human. The governmental party of 1984, accomplishes this by trampling outer Party members into allegiance through economic distress, fear, surveillance, and dumbing down the language.

Brave New World is a novel about a future society where everything is under the authority of the government. The current hype in technology is paraded around as individuals have their own helicopters and can travel from place to place very quickly. Children are not born, rather they are incubated using embryos from females that are then fertilized. During the gestation process their social status is pre-determined, this allows the government the ability to ensure that any one social group, does not have the ability to grow larger than the other. This creates equality amongst the groups. Once children are incubated and born, they are continually conditioned to consume goods in the capitalist system and to support society by participating in activities. By not allowing the citizens to have extra time on their hands,

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