Branding Ethiopia

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Branding Ethiopia: Opportunities and Challenges Research Proposal Presented to Graduate School of Business Leadership University of South Africa /UNISA/ In partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the MASTERS DEGREE IN BUSINESS LEADERSHIP By GETU KEBEDE KIDANE (43089488) Study Leader JH VISSER July 2010 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY1 1. 1. Introduction 1. 2. The Ethiopian Contextual Background 1. 3. Research Objectives 1. 4. Statement of the Problem and Sub-Problems . 5. Research Propositions 1. 6. Delimitation of the Study 1. 7. Importance and Potential Benefits 1. THEORETICAL CONCEPTS AND FRAMEWOEKS12 2. 1. Theoretical Concepts Underpinning the Study 2. 2. Relevance of Conceptual Frameworks 2. LITERATURE REVIEW25 3. 8. Country Branding Concepts 3. 9. Country and Destination Branding Trends 3. 10. Other Countries Country Branding Experience 3. 11. Best Practices 3. 12. The Ethiopian Context: Opportunities and Challenges 3. RESEARCH DESIGN & METHODOLOGY36 4. 13. Research Methodology . 14. Research Design 4. 15. Sampling Frame 4. 16. Measuring Instruments 4. 17. Data Analysis Techniques REFERENCES APPENDICES GLOSSARY OF TERMS Abyssinia:The ancient name of Ethiopia Amharic:One of the local languages of Ethiopia and the working language of the Government of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Brand: Product or service plus value that differentiates it from the competition Country:In this research wherever it is not clearly mentioned, Country is meant to be the country in the case study; i. e. Ethiopia Gilada Baboun:A species of monkey, endemic to Ethiopia only Walia Ibex:A highland goat like animal, only found in Ethiopia and under the threat of extinction (believed to be below 400 in population) Pan-African:Related with Pan-Africanism which is a sociopolitical world view philosophy and movement which seeks to unify native Africans and those of African heritage into a “global African community” Rastafarians:Followers of the Rastafarian movement which is a way of life that arose in a Christian like culture in Jamaica and worship former Emperor of Ethiopia (Emperor Haile-Selassie I) which spread in the world through the reggae music Rebranding: Reborn of a brand Sabean:related to the land of Sheba used in same way as “Queen of Sheba”, the ancient land of Ethiopia used to be known as Saba. ABBREVIATIONS AU:African Union asl: above sea level CB: Country Branding CIA: Central Intelligence Agency COMESA:Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa COO: Country-of-Origin ECA:Economic Commission for Africa FDI: Foreign Direct Investment GDP: Gross Domestic Product GNI: Gross National Income IGAD:Inter-Governmental Authority on Development LDC:Least Developed Countries MW: Mega Watt NEPAD:New Partnership for African Development RP: Research Problem UN:United Nations CHAPTER ONE 1. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY 1. 1. Introduction “… the Ethiopians slept near a thousand years, forgetful of the world by whom they were forgotten” -Gibbon, quoted by Greenfield (1968) The above quotation is taken from the famous phrase made by Edward Gibbon in his book entitled “The Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire” published in London in the year 1788 and quoted by many history books written about Ethiopia. One might be curious and ask “how far the Country has changed to reverse the above situation after nearly 222 years have passed?

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